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The Chelsea Girls 2018

Andy Warhol's film The Chelsea Girls will be the subject of an upcoming book, published by D.A.P. and The Andy Warhol Museum. Edited by Geralyn Huxley and Greg Pierce, it will include an essay by Gus Van Sant (director of Drugstore Cowboy, To Die For, and Gerry.) Also includes contributions by Patrick Moore and Signe Warner Watson.

The book will include unpublished archival materials and will reproduce the alternation of sound between the left and right hand screens in a printed transcript. There will also be transcriptions of at least some of the unheard reels.

The book is due to be published on April 24, 2018. It is just one of the many Warhol related books that will be coming out next year prior to the opening of the Andy Warhol retrospective at the Whitney. (See Below).

More information on The Chelsea Girls:

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More on The Chelsea Girls here

Merry Christmas from warholstars

Ant Hamlyn - Everything's alright

Everything's going to be alright, 2017

Artist: Ant Hamlyn (www.anthamlyn.co.uk)

(click on image to play)

Andy Warhol retrospective opens at the Whitney in November 2018

The Andy Warhol Retrospective, curated by Donna De Salvo, will take place at the Whitney from November 2018, with no end date yet established. The exhibition will then tour to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in spring 2019 and to the Art Institute of Chicago in the autumn 2019.

Anastasia James is appointed curator at SUNY New Paltz

Anastasia Rygle James

Anastasia James
(Photo: Michael Zagaris)

SUNY New Paltz and the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art have announced that Anastasia James will be the museum's new curator of exhibitions, beginning October 2, 2017.

James was the assistant curator for the "13 Most Wanted Men" exhibition at the Queens Museum and helped to produce the catalogue for the show which I highly recommend. It's definitely on my top ten list of Warhol exh. cats. A brochure about the show can still be found online here.

Anastasia was previously Anastasia Rygle but became Anastasia James after marrying Dagon James, who was the editor of Lid magazine and also edited, along with Anastasia, Billy Name: The Silver Age and Polaroids by Brigid Berlin. (They are also the proud parents of the world's cutest baby.)

The Dorsky Museum's announcement can be found here.

Michael Smith to publish Robert Heide's plays

Michael Smith will be publishing a collection of plays by Robert Heide this autumn. Heide was one of the Caffe Cino playwrights and wrote the play version of The Bed which inspired Warhol's film of the same name.

Village Voice ad (April 28, 1966) for Andy Warhol's Bed, "based on a play by Robert Heide."

An interview with Robert Heide recently appeared in The Brooklyn Rail. The website for Smith's publishing house, Fastbooks, is here.

John Ashbery dies

The poet John Ashbery died yesterday, Sunday, September 3, 2017. Ashbery's link to Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga is well documented in Reva Wolf's book, Andy Warhol, Poetry, and Gossip in the 1960s (The University of Chicago Press, 1997). Besides being a prominent New York School poet, Ashbery also wrote prose, including an essay for the catalogue of the New Realists exhibition and an essay that was included in the catalogue for Warhol's first solo exhibition in Europe - the Death and Disaster series.

He is survived by his husband, David Kermani.

Obituaries can be found in The Guardian (UK) and The New York Times.

Larry Rivers at Tibor de Nagy

Jim Carroll by Larry Rivers

Jim Carroll Exposed, 1972
collage 40 1/4 x 30 1/4 inches

An exhibition of work by Larry Rivers, "(Re)Appropriations" opens at Tibor de Nagy on September 6, 2017 and continues until October 29, 2017. More than twenty paintings and sculptures by Rivers, from the mid-1950s to the late 1990s, will be on view. Details here.

Gerard Malanga film at CineInfinito

CineInfinito -  Gerard Malanga

Gerard Malanga's film, In Search of the Miraculous - inspired by Malanga's love for Bendetta Barzini - will be screened at CineInfinito #26 on September 7, 2017. Details here.

Gary Needham and Jean Wainwright to participate in Rise Gallery's Warhol event

According to the Croydon Guardian, Gary Needham and Jean Wainwright will be participating in what is referred to as "Warhol Croydon month" in the newspaper. According to the newspaper article, the month will include screenings of Warhol's "own iconic films." They do not indicate which Warhol films are going to be screened (for which, of course, permission would be required).

The event is being spearheaded by the Rise Gallery. The owner of the gallery, Kevin Zuchowski-Morrisson, will also be speaking at the event. He is described as "One of the world’s leading post-war pop art specialists" as well as a "philanthropist" and "social entrepreneur."

The Rise Gallery website currently lists ten Warhol prints, not paintings, on their website. It is unknown whether they are going to include any actual Warhol paintings in the exhibition. In their description of an Artist's Proof of the 1968 print, "Campbell's Soup I, Onion" (which is marked "sold"), they write "Warhol’s soup can portfolio was exhibited at the artist’s first solo show in the Ferus Gallery, Los Angeles. The prints were exhibited, resting on a mounted shelf as if in on display in a supermarket." This is incorrect. The Campbell's Soup Cans shown at the Ferus Gallery were paintings, not prints. They were a series of paintings, not a portfolio of prints. And, of course, the soup can prints the gallery is selling on their website were not among the paintings exhibited at the Ferus Gallery.

I am confused by at least one of their listings - the "After the Party" print. They do not list a print catalogue raisonné number for the work. There is a print with the same name listed in the print cat. rais., produced in an edition of 1,000 as it is also described on the gallery's website, but the size of the print is given in the cat. rais. as 54.6 cm by 77.5 cm. The size listed on the Rise Gallery's website is "94 x 71cm." In the print cat. rais. an image of the print is shown as signed and numbered in the lower right hand corner. In the Rise Gallery image, there appears to be a number in the lower right hand corner but not a signature although the work is described as "Signed by the artist." In the Rise Gallery description it does not indicate where the print is signed.

There are no specific dates for the promised film screenings or speakers listed on the Rise Gallery's website site yet.


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