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Andy WarholAndy Warhol

andy warhol filmsAn Oral History of the life of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol spaceAbigail Rosen and Brigid Berlin in Andy Warhol's Tub Girls

Andy WarholAllen Midgette, the man who impersonated Andy Warhol

Andy WarholAndrea Feldman, star of Andy Warhol's Trash and Heat directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholAbstract Expressionism - the art movement before Pop

Andy WarholAndy Warhol superstar, Baby Jane Holzer

Andy WarholBibbe Hansen, star of Andy Warhol's Prison and Boy George

Andy WarholJonas Mekas and the Expanded Cinema

Andy WarholPhotographer Billy Name who lived at Andy Warhol's Factory

Andy WarholBrigid Berlin, star of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls and Bruce Pecheur from Andy Warhol's Trash directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholCandy Darling, star of Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholArts and the Mass Media by Lawrence Alloway

Andy WarholChuck Wein, Edie Sedgwick's friend and off-screen voice in Andy Warhol's Beauty No. 2

Andy WarholRichard Hamilton responds to John McHale's Jr.'s comments on the This is Tomorrow poster - the beginnings of pop in the UK by members of the Indenpendent Group

Andy WarholDorothy Dean, the doorperson at Max's Kansas City who appears in Andy Warhol's My Hustler

Andy WarholEdie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy WarholEric Emerson, star of The Chelsea Girls, directed by Andy Warhol

Andy WarholFreddy Herko who appeared in Andy Warhol's films and danced at Judson Church

Andy WarholGerard Malanga, assistant to Andy Warhol

Andy WarholHolly Woodlawn

Andy WarholIngrid Superstar

Andy WarholIvy Nicholson, model and Warhol superstar

Andy WarholJack Smith

Andy WarholJackie Curtis, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy WarholResponse to Richard Dorment about Joe Simon's alleged Self-Portrait of Andy Warhol

Andy WarholJane Forth, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy Warhol artJoe Dallesandro who starred in Andy Warhol's Trash

Filmmakers CinemathequeJonas Mekas and the Filmmakers' Cinematheque

Andy WarholJohn Giorno, poet and star of Andy Warhol's Sleep

Andy WarholWarhol superstar Louis Waldon

Andy WarholMark Lancaster who appeared in Andy Warhol's Batman Dracula

Andy WarholAndy Warhol Pre-Pop

Andy WarholAndy WarholMary Woronov

Andy WarholNaomi Levine, filmmaker who appeared in films by Andy Warhol

Andy WarholNico

Andy WarholAndy Warhol superstar Ondine

Andy WarholAndy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans

Andy WarholPat Hartley who was in films by Andy Warhol

Andy WarholPatrick Tildon Close who was in Imitation of Christ by Andy Warhol

Andy WarholWhen did Andy Warhol meet John Cage

Andy WarholPatrick Fleming, the boy in his underwear in Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls

Andy WarholEric Satie's Vexations and Andy Warhol's Sleep

Andy WarholEdie Sedgwick's lover and star of Andy Warhol's My Hustler, Paul America

Andy WarholRon Tavel, Andy Warhol's scriptwriter and off-screen voice in Screen Test No. 2

Andy WarholSusan Bottomly aka International Velvet, Andy Warhol Superstar

Andy WarholPrince of Boredom article about Andy Warhol by William S. Wilson

Andy Warholtaylor mead

Andy WarholAndy Warhol's Piss Paintings

Andy WarholUltra Violet, Andy Warho superstar

Andy WarholValerie Solanas, the woman who shot Andy Warhol

andy warholViva, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy Warhol new
Andy Warhol to Henry Geldzahler: "Oh, you know so much. Teach me a fact a day and then I'll be as smart as you." (LD139)
gary c.

September 3, 2015: The "Night of 1,000 Andys" will take place on Saturday October 17, 2015 at the Andy Warhol Museum. VIP tickets are $250, general tickets are $95 and members are $85.00. Details at:

Barbara Gladstone buys Jack Smith archive

September 2, 2015: The August 31, 2015 issue of The New Yorker magazine has an article about Jack Smith's archives. Who owns the archives has been the subject of controversy ever since Smith died. In fact it started before he died. It eventually resulted in a legal battle between Penny Arcade who had established The Plaster Foundation which laid claim to the archive and Smith's sister who argued that the archive belonged to the family.

The fight over the archive was brilliantly captured by C. Carr in an article in the March 10-16, 2004 issue of the Village Voice titled "Flaming Intrigue." In the article, Irving Rosenthal who was a friend of Smith and owns a considerable amount of "Smithiana" is quoted as saying "It was absolutely clear to me that the worst thing that could happen to the archives would be for them to end up in Penny's ownership." Arcade is quoted in the Voice article as saying that "Jack made me swear that if I did not destroy his work, which was his main wish, at least I would not let Irving get it." According to the Voice, "this eventually prompted Arcade to write a will that Smith never signed..." Smith's family did not have a lot to do with him during his career as an underground filmmaker, but the family argued that he rejected them rather than the other way round. His sister, Mary Sue Slater claimed that Smith "turned against me because I was normal... he hated normal people." On January 30, 2004, Surrogate Court Judge Eve Preminger ruled that Smith's archive belonged to Mary Sue who, by then, was 70 years old.

The New Yorker article picks up the story and tells us what happened to the archive after that. Gallerist Barbara Gladstone bought it. Gladstone is quoted as saying "When we had the closing, and I was sitting at a table with something like seven lawyers, I thought, Jack should see this. He wouldn't believe the formality of it." About 20 boxes of material from the archive have been sent to the Fales Library at N.Y.U. for their perusal and Gladstone is holding on to "the sellable work."

The New Yorker article - "Ephemeral" by Emma Allen - is at:

R.I.P. Salvatore Bovosco

September 1, 2015: Salvatore Bovosco who appeared in the original production of Jackie Curtis' Glamour, Glory and Gold has died. Melba LaRose, who was in the same production, reports that he died of a heart attack in his sleep on August 25, 2015. Bovosco also co-directed a 16mm short starring Jackie called Kiss My Lips, Artchie. (See:

An interview with Melba LaRose with a picture of Mr. Bovosco can be found at:


August 31, 2015: The PopART study that begun in South Africa and Zambia in 2013 continues until 2017. No, it's not an exhibition - it stands for Population Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy to reduce HIV Transmission. Details at:

Bob Dylan denies Edie Sedgwick relationship

August 30, 2015: This isn't exactly news but I've just found on the net the interview with Bob Dylan from Spin magazine in which Dylan denies having a relationship with Edie Sedgwick.

Bob Dylan:

I never had that much to do with Edie Sedgwick. I've seen where I have had, and read that I have had, but I don't remember Edie that well. I remember she was around, but I know other people who, as far as I know, might have been involved with Edie. Uh, she was a great girl. An exciting girl, very enthusiastic. She was around the Andy Warhol scene, and I drifted in and out of that scene, but then I moved out of the Chelsea Hotel. We, me and my wife, lived in the Chelsea Hotel on the third floor in 1965 or '66, when our first baby was born. We moved out of that hotel maybe a year before Chelsea Girls, and when Chelsea Girls came out, it was all over for the Chelsea Hotel. You might as well have burned it down. The notoriety it had gotten from that movie pretty much destroyed it. I think Edie was in Chelsea Girls. I had lost total touch with her by that time, anyway. It may just have been a time when there was just a lot of stuff happening. Ondine, Steve Paul's Scene, Cheetah. That's when I would have known Edie if I would have known her, and I did know her, but I don't recall any type of relationship. If I did have one, I think I'd remember.

The full article can be read at:

James Bidgood needs an escort

August 29, 2015: The Anthology Film Archives will be showing James Bidgood's Pink Narcissus on September 1st and 2nd. Bidgood will be attending the screening on the 1st. Details at:

Bidgood has left the following message on his Facebook page:

I MAY NEED AN ESCORT for the Tuesday Evening screening at the Anthology Film Archives and wouldn't you know it.... Rent a Boy is closed temporarily. Isn't that always the way. Never-the-less... I am too old to flag down or hail a cab ...flashing one of my swollen old lady ankles hardly helps and holding my one arm out throws me off balance and I have on occasion tumbled into the gutter and no matter how acquianted I may or may not be with that particular cavity.... it is a great nuisance getting back on my feet again ….never mind the embarassment cowering there whimpering about having fallen and not being able to get up! If there are any strong young men out there that might be able to help Granny Bidgood to and from the showhouse...let me know.

Bidgood's facebook page is at:

Pink Narcissus

Donald L. Brooks of Caffe Cino fame (L), Andrew Starr and
Don Stephens (in phone booth) in James Bidgood's Pink Narcissus

Andy Warhol, The Connection and The Brig

August 28, 2015: I've revised the essay on "Andy Warhol, The Connection and The Brig."

Andy Warhol and The Connection Heaven or Hell sign

Sign on the wall of the junkies' apartment in The Connection

The revised essay is at:

Danny Says adds second show tonight

August 27, 2015: The 7:30 screening of Danny Says (see below) in Los Angeles has sold out. A second screening has been added for 10:30 pm TONIGHT, Thursday, August 27th. For tickets go to:

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei Exhibition Catalogue

August 26, 2015: The exhibition catalogue for the Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei exhibition (see below) will come in three versions - a deluxe one that includes an original limited-edition print by Ai Weiwei, a hardback edition and a paperback version. Included in the volume are essays by Eric Shiner, Max Delany, Caroline A. Jones, John Tancock, Jay Curley, Gao Minglu, Anna Poletti, Kathryn Weir, Matt Wrbican and Larry Walsh.

The exhibition is at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia from December 11, 2015 to April 24, 2016, and at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh from June 4 – August 28, 2016.

Boredom and Art and Andy Warhol

August 25, 2015: The author of Marcel Duchamp: Étant donnés, Julian Jason Haladyn, has a book coming out in October - Boredom and Art - that has a chapter examining the "boredom" of Andy Warhol's films.

Julian Jason Haladyn (Boredom and Art):

Avant-garde strategies have, especially in the 20th century, increasingly opposed the everyday desire for art to be entertaining or 'interesting,' yet there has been a reluctance to fully embrace the 'boring' due to the perceived negative qualities of the affective state. In her text 'The Issue of Boredom: Is It Interesting?' Frances Colpitt, specifically in relation to the repetitiveness of Warhol's work, states: "Boredom necessarily describes the spectator's state of mind rather than any characteristic of the object..." By not entertaining viewers, Warhol's films insightfully question the role and position of the spectator in the apparatus of cinema, specifically in relation to the production of personal meaning.

The book is being published by Zero Books at:

One of the first essays to deal with Warhol, repetition and "boredom" was William S. Wilson's "Prince of Boredom: The Repetitions and Passivities of Andy Warhol," which was first published in March 1968 - see:

Viva, Gerome Ragni and James Rado

August 24, 2015: Agnès Varda's film Lion's Love (later renamed Lion's Love (...and Lies)), starring Warhol star Viva, is included on the Criterion Collection 3 DVD box set released earlier this month. The cast also includes James Rado and Gerome Ragni of Hair fame, Shirley Clarke who directed The Connection, Eddie Constantine and Peter Bogdanovich. According to the New York Times the film is "bracketed by performances of 'The Beard,' Michael McClure’s scandalous dialogue between Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid, and features a number of transplanted New Yorkers as movie-land hopefuls." (More on The Beard at:

Justin Remer gives a more detailed description in DVD Talk:

... Three-way lovers Viva, Jim, and Gerry waste away a morning in bed trying to get one of the others to get up and make coffee. Later, they try parenting other people's children to see if they would be good at it, and end up giving the rambunctious brats sedatives. Fellow New Yorker Shirley Clarke (director of the recently reissued Portrait of Jason and The Connection) comes to stay, while she preps for a meeting with a studio about doing a Hollywood project. If Clarke's status as a Varda stand-in isn't clear enough from the get-go, in a later fourth-wall-breaking moment, Clarke can't bring herself to do the action as prescribed, so Varda finishes the scene for her. After Robert Kennedy and Andy Warhol are both shot, our three leads find themselves glued to the TV for days on end. A side-trip to a movie memorabilia store is punctuated by a Peter Bogdanovich cameo in which he "hides" his face from the camera with a copy of his book on John Ford. Eddie Constantine bungles a romantic improvisation with Viva, and Varda shows two takes of it. The whole crazy thing ends with a shot of Viva facing down the lens and breathing while Varda asks assistants offscreen how long the shot has been going on. (

"Eclipse Series 43: Agnes Varda in California" is available from Amazon or Criterion at:

Brigid Berlin Polaroids

August 23, 2015: A book of more than 250 Polaroids by Warhol star and confidante, Brigid Berlin, is going to be published in October 2015.

Brigid Berlin Polaroids cover

Front cover of Brigid Berlin Polaroids

Brigid was often the "B" (but not always) in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) and the person who probably got Warhol interested in using a tape recorder and a Polaroid camera in the first place. She was also the daughter of socialite Honey Berlin and Richard E. Berlin (chairman of the Hearst publishing empire). The Warhol films she appeared in include The Chelsea Girls, Imitation of Christ, Loves of Ondine, Bike Boy, Tub Girls, and numerous videos - Phoney, Fight, etc...

Brigid's Polaroids are nothing short of amazing. In addition to being a fly-on-the-wall record of the whole Warhol period, they are artworks in themselves. She's the first person I know of who was able to get double exposures from a Polaroid camera. In addition to Warhol, the subjects include Willem de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein, Bruce Marden, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Diana Vreeland, Dennis Hopper, Lou Reed, Nico, Patti Smith, Viva, Ultra Violet, Gerard Malanga and numerous others.

The book also includes a foreword by John Waters and and an introduction by Bob Colacello. Edited by Anastasia Rygle and Dagon James. Rygle previously curated the excellent "13 Most Wanted Men" exhibition. The publisher is Reel Art Press- see

Pre-orders are being accepted by the publisher or through Amazon at:

Highly recommended.

Danny Says in L.A.

August 22, 2015: Cinefamily in L.A. is showing the 35mm restored version of The Connection TODAY at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The Connection is Shirley Clarke's film adapted from the jazz-fueled stage play that featured real heroin addicts playing junkies waiting for the man. Details at: (See also:

On Thursday of next week - August 27, 2015 - the same cinema will be hosting the L.A. premiere of Danny Says, the new documentary about Danny Fields directed by Brendan Toller (who will be at the screening). Previous screenings of the film in other cities have been sold out - so I wouldn't wait too long before getting a ticket.

Brendan Toller

Brendan Toller at a showing of his earlier film, I Need That Record!
The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store

Details of the L.A. screening of Danny Says at:

Andy Warhol's Man on the Moon

August 21, 2015: The Complete Book of 1970s Musicals by Dan Dietz will be published in September 2015. What does it have to do with Andy Warhol? One of the entries is for the Warhol-produced musical, Man on the Moon. Dietz writes, "Andy Warhol produced the musical, and one or two critics noted that the minutes preceding the first act curtain (which was delayed by a half-hour) provided the best entertainment of the evening because the opening night audience included Warhol and all the beautiful 'in' people... Kevin Sanders on WABCTV7 said the audience was replete with 'the renowned and the obscure,' including Pat Ast, Peggy Cass, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Peter Boyle, and thus 'the throng of the beautiful, the bizarre and the glamorous' was a haven for autograph hunters (others in the audience were Warren Beatty Geraldo Rivera, Rex Harrison, Yoko Ono, Jules Feiffer and Diana Vreeland." (p. 238)

Unfortunately the opening night audience was more exciting than the show. It opened on January 29, 1975 and closed on February 1, 1975 for a total of five performances.

Books, lyrics and music were by John Phillips, previously of the Mamas and the Papas. A few years earlier, Mama Cass from the same band had sung the theme song for Andy Warhol's film, L'Amour. (The theme song appears in the "rarities" section of the Mama Cass CD, "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore Plus Rarities - Her Final Recordings.") More about L'Amour at

The pages of the Broadway book with the Man in the Moon listing can be found at:

Below picture sold as a Warhol painting for over $200,000

Chanel - not by Andy Warhol

August 20, 2015: Stevens Auction Company in Aberdeen, Mississippi claims to have sold the above amateurish depiction of Coco Chanel for $247,000 after declaring it to be a work of Andy Warhol. The painting does not match Warhol's style and the signature at the top does not match Warhol's signature.

According to, "the work is said to bear the authenticating stamp of the artist's estate." notes that the picture has "the original stamp from the artist to gallery on the reverse." But there is no suggestion that the Warhol Foundation's Authentication Board stamped it as authentic when the board was active. The dealer has not provided an image of the stamp and it has been described as a stamp "from the artist to gallery" and the "stamp of the artist's estate." If the work had received a legitimate authentication stamp, it would have been in the catalogue raisonné, which it is not. The auction house owner has said, "It's all a guess if you don't have proof," but that is incorrect. The onus of responsibility is on the seller of the work to provide evidence that it is a Warhol if they are going to sell it as a Warhol.

Under the "terms and conditions" on their website, the auction house has published a disclaimer about their sales:

All lots are sold as shown, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Stevens Auction is not responsible for errors of description or authenticity of any lot or for any defect of it. Stevens Auction gives no warranty whatsoever to any buyer in respect to any lot. No credits or refunds shall be given.

The auction house may think that such a disclaimer protects them from complaints by dissatisfied customers, but it doesn't. Legally, the auction house is still responsible for not making fallacious claims about what they are selling and, by law, they are required to give a refund if it is merited. They would not, for instance, be able to sell a child's drawing as a Picasso. Or a Volkswagen as a Cadillac.

If there really is a buyer of the work, can they contact me? I'd like to see the alleged stamp on the work. My email address is Are there any other customers of this auction house who bought something which they later found out was wrongly described or attributed? Email me.

According to Artdaily, the auction house will be selling a Marilyn Monroe painting by Warhol at another auction in mid-October. As with all auctions - buyer beware.

The Artnet article can be found at:

Gretchen Berg, Joe Dallesandro and Valerie Solanas

August 19, 2015: A number of interesting articles have been added to the Warhol Film Ads website - including the often quoted interview with the artist that appeared in the East Village Other in which he is quoted as saying "If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface: of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it." But, as the chief archivist for The Warhol museum, Matt Wrbican, has pointed out in his 2008 article, "The True Story of 'My True Story,'" what actually happened was that Gretchen said "It's all there on the surface... if we want to know Andy Warhol, we just look at your paintings and your films and... There's nothing profound underneath...." And Warhol agreed. But it was Berg who said the actual words.

Andy Warhol - The True Story - by Gretchen Berg

Also added is the January 1969 issue of After Dark with Joe Dallesandro on the cover and an interview with Warhol by Mario Amaya that appeared in the December 1969 issue of Nova. Amaya was the other person shot by Valerie Solanas when she shot Warhol. (He later died of cancer in London in 1986 at the age of 52.)

Mario Amaya (from the Nova article):

Well, I'm here at The Factory over a year after the shooting and I don't quite know what I'm doing here, except that Nova has asked me to interview Andy and I'm curious anyhow to know what he feels about it all. For instance, what did he think, if anything that moment last June when he was lying on the floor covered in blood, a bullet though his gut, and I was running around like a fiend trying to get policemen, and ambulances and hospitals; and I think to myself it doesn't seem like one year ago but more like 2,000 and life has changed so completely for me and I wonder if it is the same with him.

The Warhol Film Ads website is at:

More about Valerie Solanas at:

The Reloaded Plastic Inevitable at the Art Sanctuary

Andy Warhol event at the Art Sanctuary

August 18, 2015: The Chelsea Girls will be shown at an Art Sanctuary fundraising event - "The Reloaded Plastic Inevitable" - when "Louisville turns into Manhattan, 1965." In addition to The Chelsea Girls, the evening will also include an exhibition of work by Billy Name, performance art, the Va Va Vixens, drag shows, live music and a multimedia show featuring a tribute to the Velvet Underground called "The Velveteen Underground." DJ for the evening will be Matt Anthony. Guests are encouraged to "Come dressed for 1965."

The Art Sanctuary is a non-profit arts collective housed in a brilliantly industrial-looking building in Louisville, founded on the the premise that "art is an integral part of life."

The Facebook page page for the event is at:

The website for the Art Sanctuary is at:

Andy Warhol in Montauk

August 17, 2015: An interesting account of life at Andy Warhol's Montauk property - including photos by Peter Beard and quotes from Bob Colacello and Lee Radziwell - has been posted at:

Andy Warhol Portfolios

August 16, 2015: "Andy Warhol Portfolios: Life and Legends" will open at the Frederick R. Wiseman Museum of Art on January 16, 2016 and run until April 3, 2016. Details at:

Patti Smith's mini-series

August 15, 2015: In case you hadn't heard, Patti Smith's autobiographical account of the time she spent with Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids, is being made into a mini-series by Showtime. Smith will co-write and produce the series. Although she has made a career singing about things like drugs, homosexual sex and sadomasochism, Smith was never actually a drug addict or a homosexual and was considerably disturbed by and judgemental of Robert Mapplethorpe's forays into the gay S & M scene - at least according to the autobiography that the mini-series is based on. In the book she even regrets being photographed with a cigarette - what would her kids think? Smith has become socially acceptable - a sort of sanitized counter-culture hero for the middle class. Hopefully she isn't quite as bad as the Velvet's Moe Tucker who joined the American "Tea Party" movement.

Apparently, Smith isn't even a woman's liberationist. An interview that appeared in the Guardian in 2013 quotes her as saying that she would "be happy to have the man as the king" in any new relationship.

from Simon Hattenstone ("Patti Smith: punk poet queen," The Guardian, 25 May 2013):

These days, she has as much time to dedicate to her work as she could wish – her children are grown up and she has no partner. Would she like a new Mr Patti Smith? She looks shocked. "I would never have a Mr Patti Smith. To me, I'm happy to have the man as king. I would never consider a man in that position."

Now it's my turn to be shocked. After all, this is Patti Smith, rocker extraordinaire and feminist icon. "I wouldn't care if he was a gardener or plumber or physicist, he wouldn't be in second place in our household." She'd happily be subservient? "I don't mind. I have no problem with a man being in first place. I know who I am. If a man would need to be in first place, what of it?"

Although Smith was never a friend of Warhol, she does mention him as an idol in her book and he will appear in the film - although it's unknown who will be playing him. In 2012 she paid homage to him at a concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition, "Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years."

Was Andy Warhol anti-semitic?

August 14, 2015: Gioa Diliberto, who apparently has "contributed" articles to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Smithsonian and Vanity Fair, has characterised Andy Warhol's attitude toward Diane von Furstenberg as "resentful to the point of hostile" in her new biography of the clothing designer - Diane von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped. Diliberto also quotes Bob Colacello in the book as allegedly saying that Warhol "could be a little anti-Semitic." Von Furstenberg commissioned Warhol to do her portrait in the 1970s at a cost of $25,000 for the first one and $5,000 for additional portraits.

Gioa Diliberto (Diane von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped, 2015):

The commission, though, did nothing to soften Warhol's attitude toward Diane, which was resentful to the point of hostile. Though Warhol was fascinated by fashion, "Diane's style wasn't Andy's style," recalls Bob Colacello. "Diane has mass taste. Andy liked Saint Laurent and Halston. Also, Andy could be a little anti-Semitic, to tell you the truth." (p. 114)

Warhol was a confirmed Catholic, but there is no documentary evidence to suggest that he was "anti-Semitic." His first major superstar was Jewish - Baby Jane Holzer - and Colacello, himself, has (probably incorrectly) claimed that Warhol's mother had a Jewish grandmother in his book Holy Terror. Warhol's prints and paintings of Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century have been characterised by the Jewish Museum as "iconic portraits" which "attest to the lasting achievements and fame of these singular figures." (

Holly Woodlawn update

August 13, 2015: Holly Woodlawn has finished the course of radiation on her brain tumours and is in an assisted-living home. After she recovers from the radiotherapy, her doctors will assess her ability to tolerate chemotherapy for her lung tumours.

Food bank donations at "Pop Art: The Andy Warhol Studio"

August 13, 2015: Food bank donations will be accepted at the “POP Art: The Andy Warhol Studio" exhibition at the Hardin Center which runs from August 15 to November 15, 2015. The exhbition features screen prints from Warhol's "Myths" series. Anyone donating a food item at the exhibition (for the Etowah Community Food Bank) will be entitled to make a free screen print. The idea came about as a result of Warhol's Soup Can paintings although Warhol also helped to feed the hungry at a church in New York (see below).

Details of the exhibition at:

Holly Woodlawn by Laura Rubin

August 12, 2015: Laura Rubin is selling two vintage photos of Holly - "Holly Woodlawn w/gay power," 1970 NYC (east 3rd street) and "Holly Woodlawn closeup," 1970 NYC (east 3rd street). For details email:

Holly WoodlawnspaceHolly Woodlawn

(L) Holly Woodlawn w/gay power," 1970 NYC (East 3rd street)
and Holly Woodlawn closeup," 1970 NYC (East 3rd street)
(Photos by Laura Rubin)

Bob Colacello on Andy Warhol's Polaroids

August 11, 2015: Vanity Fair has published Bob Colacello's comments about the subjects of some of Warhol's Polaroids and what Warhol thought of them - including Jean-Michel Basquiat, William Burroughs (and Victor Bockris), Candy Darling, Audrey Hepburn, Divine, and Jack Nicholson. Also includes a slide show featuring Liza Minnelli, Donna Jordan from L'Amour, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Warhol with large format Polaroid camera, Lee Radziwill and John Kennedy Jr. in Montauk.

Article and slideshow at:

Fashion's Homage to Andy Warhol

August 10, 2015: has put together a slideshow of "16 of Fashion's Best Homages to Andy Warhol" at: Includes shot of Terry Toye and Debbie Harry in Stephen Sprouse.

John Giorno to appear at the Centre Pompidou-Metz

August 9, 2015: John Giorno - underground poet and star of Andy Warhol's film, Sleep - will be interviewed onstage at the Centre Pompidou-Metz on November 23, 2015 in conjunction with their "Warhol Underground" exhibition. Details at:

More about Sleep at:

Skateboarding to be banned in Kettering, U.K.

Andy Warhol skateboard decks

August 8, 2015: Skateboarding is about to be made illegal in a town called Kettering in the U.K. The Kettering town council seems to be unaware of how important the sport has been not only as a sport but as a catalyst for ideas in fashion and art, including, of course, the work of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In 2010 a series of Andy Warhol skateboard decks were brought out with the endorsement of the Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts. The International Olympic Committee announced in June that "roller sports," which includes skateboarding, has been shortlisted for the 2020 Olympics. Despite skateboarding being shortlisted by the Olympics Committee, the city of Kettering has included skateboarding as an anti-social activity with the likes of public drinking and begging.

A petition has been started online to convince the local council of Kettering that their proposed law is unfair. You can sign the petition here:

"An Unknown Side of Andy Warhol"

August 8, 2015: One of the most interesting tributes to Andy Warhol during his birthday week, is Sotheby's video, "Sotheby's On... An Unknown Side of Andy Warhol." The video is about Warhol helping to feed the homeless at a church in New York - something which most people are already aware of. But what makes this video interesting is that the Episcopal priest who ran the parish is now the Executive Vice-President of Sotheby's - C. Hugh Hildesley. It's also interesting that the church was Episcopal while Warhol was a confirmed, practicing Catholic. Click on the photo or the link below to go to the video.

Andy Warhol feeds the poor at the Church of the Heavenly Rest

The Church of the Heavenly Rest - Where Warhol helped to feed the homeless
Video at:

Danceteria co-founder slags off new Stonewall trailer

August 7, 2015: The new Stonewall movie hasn't even been released yet and it is already causing a controversy. The director of the film, Roland Emmerich, was forced to defend the trailer after the co-founder of Danceteria, Jim Fouratt, slagged it off on his Facebook page.

Fouratt announced "So there is this new movie that just popped up with the advance hype machine at play .. It is called Stonewall the Movie. Directed by an established Hollywood director and written by an award wining Broadway (serious plays) writer. Most people know I was at the first night starting at 10:30 when it actually began and the three nights after that included the founding of the Gay Liberation Front a multi-issue political group that rejected single issue politics and made up of women and men reflecting a needlepoint of diversity (race, gender, age and what we use to say was class) / So a few friends have already asked me directly and here on FB. what did I think of it. I have not seen the film , just the trailer... But please the same old bull: bricks or stones on Christopher Street., Oh please! Neither Sylvia Rivera, nor Bob Kohler were there that first night, (did you hear that David France ????) The dreadful David Carter fantasy book (Stonewall Riot) of a young white runaway boy, the non-vetted ramblings of John O'Brien who no one I know who was there ever saw (it was not a large crowd that first night), confabulates a false narrative starring his butch f .the lies of the cops that Carter believed and the lack of any independent research ...I have not changed my story since 1969. Told it in Martin Duberman's STONEWALL,I have alway s rejected the idea of a riot .. I have used the word rebellion on Charlie Rose and Stephen Colbert and in books and documentaries . Does the truth matter, I ask myself? I answer yes but seem very alone in the beautiful room of truth. Jon Robin Baitz, the writer, is a good playwright. Did he talked [sic] to me ? No.. Putting a straight template on the night diminished what actually happened. I was there.I know what happened from personal experience. … what really makes me sad ..and see the same thing happening with same sex civil marriage .. our stories and insights are covered over with heterosexual expectations rather that discovering what is unique in out contribution to changing history. .. the one thing I do know it could not be as terrible given the talent involved as that dreadful STONEWALL movie the BBC and Christine Vachon produced years ago .. the one that paid Martin Duberman $70,000 for the rights to his book (in violation of his agreement with the participants) .and than the director and writer threw it out the window as they only wanted to use the the title,..but that is another story tbc...,"

Emmerich, whose previous films include Godzilla and Independence Day, responded, "The courageous actions of everyone who fought against injustice in 1969 inspired me to tell a compelling, fictionalized drama of those days centering on homeless LGBT youth, specifically a young midwestern gay man [played by a straight, white, English heartthrob] who is kicked out of his home for his sexuality and comes to New York... I understand that following the release of our trailer there have been initial concerns about how this character’s involvement is portrayed, but when this film - which is truly a labor of love for me - finally comes to theaters, audiences will see that it deeply honors the real-life activists who were there — including Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Ray Castro — and all the brave people who sparked the civil rights movement which continues to this day. We are all the same in our struggle for acceptance."

Are we? Is Emmerich's "struggle for acceptance" the same as the struggle of a Puerto Rican drag queen who could be arrested for just walking out on the street in drag? Not that there are many Puerto Rican drag queens in the film. His statement "We are all the same in struggle for acceptance" roughly translates in Hollywood terms to "this movie will appeal to everyone and make a lot of money." Stonewall did not "spark" the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement started long before Stonewall.

Emmerich is right about "initial concerns" about the trailer. The comments on the IMDB page (where you can see the trailer) aren't exactly positive. Jake Mayes writes, "Seriously?!." Another person asks "Um...where are the trans characters in this?" Another asks "where are the trans women of colour in the film?" They have a point. There were a lot of black and Puerto Rican queens who hung out at the Stonewall and the trailer does seem a bit, um, bleached. (And the music absolutely dreadful!) What makes the story of a good-looking white midwesterner (a gay man's dream?) a more interesting story than, say, a black kid from the slums of New York who went to the bar because it meant freedom?

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol

August 6, 2015: Happy Birthday Andy Warhol. You would have been 87 years old today.


August 5, 2015: Lutz Graf-Ulbrich has translated the sections of his German biography which dealt with his friendship with Nico into English and has published them as a separate Kindle book, Nico - In the Shadow of the Moon Goddess. Lutz was a musician and songwriter who played with a number of European bands including 17 Hippies, Agitation Free and Ash Ra. He made an album in 1981 which featured Nico, and organized her last concert, "Fata Morgana - Desert Sounds" at the Berlin Planetarium shortly before she died.

luul album cover

Album cover of Lüül (aka Lutz Ulbrich) which includes songs
such as "Disco Diva," "Junkie," and "Baby Baby Baby"

Lutz Graf-Ulbrich (Nico - In the Shadow of the Moon Goddess):

"When we arrived in Paris, she [Nico] invited me to her home. She was living together with filmmaker Philippe Garrel, who was not really pleased that I appeared with her. The dreary four-room-apartment on the fifth floor had black walls and almost no furniture. The flat had been given to him by his father the renowned actor Maurice Garrel. There was a fridge, a piano, two beds and a mattress. The whole flat was covered by a layer of dust, the kitchen seemed rarely been used. Dusty, old dishes were piling up in the sink. It was a junkie cave and from now on my home for awhile..."

Nico - Moon Goddess

How Nico sunbathed - One of the photos in Nico - In the Shadow of the Moon Goddess
Lutz is the one wearing a hat and reading Le Figaro
(Photo: Manuel Göttsching)

The book can be downloaded from the Kindle store of Amazon in your country.

Happy Birthday Donald L. Brooks

August 4, 2015: Happy birthday to Donald L. Brooks of Caffe Cino fame. ( His Facebook page can be found at:

Andy Warhol's "Homosexual Action Movies"

August 4, 2015: Have you ever wondered what the actual article said about "Homosexual Action Movies" that was emblazoned on the often reproduced cover of this magazine?

Andy Warhol on cover of Confidential magazine

Now you can read the actual article. Magazine collector, Alfredo Garcia, has added it to his Warhol Film Ads site - go to

Also added is a rare article from Fling magazine featuring an appearance by Andy Warhol's 'boyfriend' Rod La Rod:

From Fling magazine, July 1967:

The handsome, sandy-haired- youth smiled politely, wiped his palms nervously on his blue velvet dungarees. "Hi!" Rod La Rod said, the Alabama twang as clear as a freshly plucked guitar. He threw a quick glance at his mentor as if to say, "How did I do?"

Andy patted the boy's shoulder.

"Superstar Rod La Rod is working on his second picture already. Right, Rod?"

Rod grinned sheepishly. "I sure am - thanks to Andy."

"How long have you been a Superstar?" I asked.

"Four weeks."

"And you're working on your second film already?

"Oh, yes. They don't take long. We just finished Tiger Morse and now we're doing - " He hesitated, looked anxiously at Andy.

There was an affirmative blink from behind the tinted lenses.

"Well," Rod breathed, "the picture I'm working on now is called Since The Assassination - and it's just great!

Without giving me a chance to ask about the nature of the film, Rod declared it was "swell" meeting me, and hurried off.

Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger do Max's Kansas City for HBO

August 3, 2015: Max's Kansas City has been temporarily rebuilt in New York for a new HBO series which is currently in production with the title of Vinyl. Eight episodes are planned with at least four different directors, including Martin Scorcese. Mick Jagger is listed as one of the producers. His son (with Jerry Hall), James Jagger, will also be in the cast.

The four announced directors are: Martin Scorcese, Mark Romanek, S.J. Clarkson and Allen Coulter. Romanek is mostly known for his music promos, having directed videos for Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael and Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift. S.J. Clarkson previously directed one episode of Orange is the New Black and several episodes of the EastEnders. Martin Scorcese doesn't need an introduction - my personal favourite Scorcese films are Taxi Driver, New York, New York and The Wolf of Wall Street. (He's currently also working on a film about Frank Sinatra.)

In April of this year, Grant Wilfley Casting put out a call for extras for the film, including "Warhol Factory types:"


Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following: 

People to portray psychedelic rock fans, punk rock fans, disco club-goers, early hip-hop fans, 1970s NYC pedestrians and Connecticut residents (men with shaggy hair/side burns/long hair, women without highlights), people with 1970s cars, and ‘60s Warhol Factory types.
Filming Summer/Fall 2015 in NYC.

Open Call will be held on Tuesday, April 21, from 10:00am-12:00pm for SAG-AFTRA members and 1:00pm-4:00pm for Non-Union at Church of St Paul the Apostle, 405 W 59 St at 9th Ave. Attendees should be prepared to have a digital picture taken.

No experience necessary 

Ai Weiwei to attend Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei

August 2, 2015: Ai Weiwei has confirmed that he will attend the "Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei" exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia. The exhibition runs December 11, 2015 to April 24, 2016 before it travels to The Andy Warhol Museum in June.

Details at:

U.K. reverses its decision on Ai Weiwei visa

August 1, 2015: The U.K. government has reversed its decision on not granting Ai Weiwei a 6 month visa. He will now be granted a full 6 month visa for his stay in the country.

Brits deny visa to Ai Weiwei - Royal Academy issues statement

July 31, 2015: The British government has denied a six month visa to Chinese artists, Ai Weiwei. The refusal was based on their allegation that he had "received a criminal conviction in China" and did not declare it on his visa application. Yet the artist has never been convicted of a crime in China - he was detained but never convicted.

The decision to deny the six month visa may have more to do with the Brits' wanting to keep favour with their Chinese trading partners than with the artist's non-existent "criminal conviction." Instead of giving Ai Weiwei a six month visa they have only granted him a twenty day stay. As the BBC has pointed out, "Ai's 20-day visa means he will not be in the UK when China's President Xi Jinping makes a high-profile state visit in October - potentially avoiding any diplomatic embarrassment at a time when Britain is trying to improve relations with China." ( If the real reason for denying him the visa was because of an undisclosed criminal conviction, the visa would most likely have been completely refused and not just limited to twenty days.

The Chinese government had seized Ai Weiwei's passport four years ago and refused to allow him to leave the country but his passport was recently returned to him and he is currently in Berlin visiting his family. During the time that his passport was seized he left a fresh bouquet of flowers outside his Beijing studio evey day. His passport was returned on the 600th day. Despite having been detained by China, he continues to be a staunch supporter of freedom in the arts. It's disheartening that, having been granted the right to travel by the Chinese government, his right is now being limited by the U.K.

Ai Wei Wei and family

Ai Weiwei and family in Berlin

Ai Weiwei was hoping to help prepare the major exhibition of his work that is due to run at the Royal Academy from September 19 to December 13, 2015, but twenty days will considerably limit his involvement with the show as well as the British art scene in general. (There is also going to be a Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei travelling exhibition in the U.S. next year - see below.)

The Royal Academy's Artistic Director, Tim Marlow, has issued the following statement: “We’re concerned that Ai Weiwei has not been granted a six month UK visa by the British government. We hope for a speedy resolution to this situation and we continue to look forward to welcoming Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy for his first major institutional exhibition in the UK this September.” (

Emma Levigne on RainForest

30 July 2015: Emma Lavigne, one of the authors of Warhol Live, will be hosting a discussion on Merce Cunningham's dance piece, RainForest, on November 22, 2015 in conjunction with the "Warhol Underground" exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. The exhibition includes performances of RainForest featuring Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds.

Details of the talk at:

Mark Lancaster, who appeared in a Kiss film with Gerard Malanga and a few other Warhol films, talks about his experience as the set designer for a different piece by Merce Cunningham, Sounddance, at:

"Late Drawings of Andy Warhol: 1973-1987" concert and talk

29 July 2015: The Hyde Collection and the Summerland Music Society will be presenting a concert in conjunction with the exhibition, “The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol: 1973-1987,” tomorrow (Thursday) at 7 pm in the community room in the basement of Crandall Public Library. The concert will feature music by composers who lived and worked in New York during the same time as Warhol. Erin Coe, director of The Hyde Collection, will also give a talk about the exhibition. The exhibition has been organized by The Warhol museum.

Details of the exhibition at:

Masters and Luminaries in Camden

28 July 2015: "Masters and Luminaries" opens at Proud Camden (in London) on July 23, 2015 and runs until September 13, 2015. The exhibition includes photographs by David McCabe of the time he spent with Warhol and members of the original silver Factory during 1964-65 as well as Justin De Villeneuve's photographs of Twiggy which launched her career (at the age of 15). Other work includes Brian Aris' early shots of Debbie Harry, Brian Duffy's photos of David Bowie during his Alladin Sane days and John Byrne Cooke's shots of Bob Dylan.

Details at:

A number of limited edition photographs are being sold in conjunction with the exhibition including some great ones from McCabe:

David McCabe photograph of Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and others

One of the limited edition photographs being sold by Proud

Danny Says is sold out

27 July 2015: The screening of the new documentary about Danny Fields, Danny Says, at Lincoln Center on Wednesday is sold out. Standby tickets will be available on the day of the screening. The screening will include a Q & A with director Brendon Toller. The film was financed with the help of a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Details of the Lincoln Center screening at:

Fields worked as the managing editor of Datebook magazine during the sixties, was a friend of Edie Sedgwick and allegedly managed the Velvet Underground for about "two weeks." He later wrote the album notes for their "Live at Max's Kansas City" album, recorded by Brigid Berlin. He also worked as Steve Paul's "chauffeur" for a time and he has been linked to the MC5 and Iggy Pop and The Stooges and co-managed the Ramones beginning in 1975. Basically, he spent his life hanging out with famous rock stars and lived a life of drugs, sex and rock and roll. But unlike most of the other people doing the same at that time, he was openly gay.

R.I.P. Ingrid Sischy

26 July 2015: Most of you will know by now that Ingrid Sischy died on Friday. The cause of death was breast cancer. She was 63 and died in hospital at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Ingrid served as the the editor-in-chief of Interview magazine from 1989-2008 and was the god-parent of Elton John's child, Zachary - an honour she shared with her girlfriend Sandra Brant who was previously married to Interview owner, Peter Brant.

Peter Brant had became an owner of Interview  magazine in the early seventies after purchasing shares belonging to Jerome Hill and his boyfriend, Charles Rydell. In 1975 Brant gave up those shares in exchange for financing  Andy Warhol's Bad, but in the summer of 1989 he and his wife Sandra re-purchased Inteview for $12 million. (BC503) Brant divorced Sandra in 1995 after fathering a child with supermodel Stephanie Seymour. Sandra had already started having a relationship with Sischy at the time. According to the Daily Mail, Ingrid finally married Sandra in Ingrid's "final weeks" after being lovers for more than 25 years.

Not mentioned in her obituaries is that Sischy also wrote an excellent, concise, book on Andy Warhol - The Essential Andy Warhol - which is an good introduction to the artist's life and work. She notes in the book about Warhol's work - "Though they appear mechanical, Warhol paintings and silkscreens involve the kind of formal decisions and pictorial problem-solving associated with the most conventional works of art..." Although Warhol liked to give the impression that his work was mechanical, the reality was that he took a hands-on approach to his paintings and usually only had one art assistant - unlike artists today who often employ a multitude of assistants.

Sischy was a contributing editor at Vanity Fair at the time of her death. She had started writing articles for the magazine in 1997 and her last article will appear in their September issue. Her writing will also appear in Catherine Opie's profile of Elizabeth Taylor - 700 Nimes Road - which is due to be published on October 6, 2015.

Sischy is survived by Brant, her mother Claire and her brother David.

A selection of her Interview covers can be found at:

The Trip, Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure

26 July 2015: Deborah Davis' book, The Trip, Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure, is out next week. The book is an account of Warhol's road trip from New York to California for his second exhibition at the Ferus Gallery. Occupants of the car included Taylor Mead, Wynn Chamberlain and Gerard Malanga. Davis previously wrote Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball.

A short interview with Davis can be found at:

Richard Rheem

25: July 2015: Does anyone know what happened to Richard Rheem? If you were a friend or relative of Rheem, or if you have any information about him, please contact me at

See: "May 27, 1966: Andy Warhol Meets Richard Rheem" at:

Holly Woodlawn

24 July 2015: Holly Woodlawn sends the following from her hospital bed at Cedars-Sinai:

"First off, for the record, I have quit show business.

OK, now for the show. Thank you to everyone that has been good enough to help me out. I can't wait to get out!! Keep the well wishes comin' - they really help. See you in Valhalla (haha).

Love you madly,
La Woodlawn"

On&By Andy Warhol

23 July 2015: In Spring 2016 MIT/Whitechapel will be publishing On&By Andy Warhol, part of their "On&By" series: an anthology of key interviews and writings by the artist (with his collaborators) alongside a selection of essential critical texts from the 1960s to the present. Edited and with an Introduction by Gilda Williams.

Warhol by the Book

22 July 2015: "Warhol by the Book," curated by Matt Wrbican, opens at The Warhol museum on October 10, 2015 and runs until January 10, 2016. Details at:

Holly Woodlawn Battles Cancer

21 July 2015: I have added an update on Holly Woodlawn's battle with cancer at:

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei

20 July 2015: Details of the Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition have emerged on The Nation website which notes that "Among the parallels the exhibition will draw is the two artists' affinity for cats, the focus of a large-scale installation for kids and families. Warhol lived with a 'herd' of Siamese cats in the 1950s (all but one of which were named Sam) and he depicted them frequently in his work. Ai's studio houses more than 30 cats he regularly mentions on social media and in blog posts. Ai is developing a children's project for the show that will reflect that interest, along with an interactive feature allowing young visitors to take a Warhol-inspired image and share it via the social media. " Apparently the first book that Ai purchased while living in New York in the 1980s was The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again).

"Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei" will run at the National Gallery in Victoria from December 11, 2015 to 24 April 2016 before its run at The Warhol museum from June to August 2016.

Sponsors and media partners for the National Gallery show include Mercedes Benz, EY, Quantas, La Trobe University, Vogue magazine, Sofitel luxury hotels, Valmorgan, Melbourne Airport, Smooth FM, and Dulux with major donors being the Loti and Victor Smorgon Fund.

Exhibition details at:

The Nation article can be found at:

Holly Woodlawn has cancer

19 July 2015: Sad news to report: Holly Woodlawn has cancer. The biopsy results from the tests done on July 15th (see below) have shown that she has lung cancer that has spread to her brain. My deep-felt sympathy to Holly who is at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. More on this later.

More about Holly at: - or click on Holly's Polaroid on the left hand side of this page.

Andy Warhol's Soap Opera

18 July 2015: Reminder: Tonight, Andy Warhol's Soap Opera, is going to be screened at the Whitney in conjunction with the Jewish Museum's current exhibition, "Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television." Claire K. Henry of The Andy Warhol Film Project will be moderating a discussion afterwards with the artist Alex Bag and Bruce Jenkins from the Art Institute of Chicago. Details at:

18 July 2015: "Basquiat: Now's the Time" opens at the Guggenheim Bilbao on July 3, 2015 and runs until November 1, 2015. The Jeff Koons retrospective at the same museum opened on June 9th and closes September 27, 2015.

Basquiat details at:

Koons at:

My Hustler in Tampa

17 July 2015: The Tampa Museum of Art is presenting a festival of Andy Warhol's films beginning 16 July with a screening of My Hustler and Kiss at the Dickey Family Lecture Hall. Other screenings will include Mrs. Warhol, Poor Little Rich Girl, Vinyl and Couch. Details at:

More on My Hustler at:

More on the Kiss films at:

Andy Warhol kitchen in the Jewish Journal

16 July 2015: Jonathan Fong's Andy Warhol kitchen was profiled in yesterday's Jewish Journal. Great kitchen Jonathan! Details, photos and instructions at:

More on Andy Warhol's Kitchen (the film) at:

Wexner Center for the Arts

15 July 2015: The Wexner Center for the Arts in Ohio continues to present excellent exhibitions and screenings. "After Picasso: 80 Contemporary Artists" runs September 19 to December 27, 2015 and includes over 150 works by Andy Warhol, Martin Kippenberger, Marlene Dumas, Richard Hamilton, Jasper Johns, Louise Lawler, Roy Lichtenstein, Art & Language and others.

The blurb for the show notes, "The exhibition, originally titled 'Picasso in Contemporary Art,' was organized by the Deichtorhallen, a highly respected contemporary art institution in Hamburg, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and was curated by its general director, Dirk Luckow. Select American artists have been added to the Wexner Center presentation of the German-born exhibition."

The Wexner's summer film screenings include Grey Gardens by the Maysles brothers on July 31- August 1, 2015 and, at the "Wex Drive-In," a screening of John Waters' Cry-Baby on August 13 which features Joe Dallesandro in the cast.

Details at:

Third Art International in Istanbul

14 July 2015: Art International, now in its third year, will take place at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on September 5-6, 2015 with a private preview for buyers on the 4th. The modern art fair includes 83 galleries from 24 countries. A list of the participating galleries can be found at: Artists include Andy Warhol, Grayson Perry and Banksy.

Shepard Fairey arrested

13 July 2015: Artist Shepard Fairey was arrested last week in Los Angeles for a painting he did on the wall of a vacant building in Detroit. Fairey's work is exhibited in major museums in the U.S. and Europe and the "illegal" mural is probably worth more than $100,000. (Detroit should be thanking him rather than arresting him.) The Warhol museum hosted a retrospective of his work from October 18, 2009 to January 31, 2010.

Details of the arrest at:

ANDY: A Popera

12 July 2015: Tickets go on sale on 3 August for the production of ANDY: A Popera, presented by Opera Philadelphia and The Bearded Ladies. Details at:

Holly Woodlawn

11 July 2015: Holly Woodlawn - one of the subjects of Lou Reed's song Walk on the Wild Side and star of Trash and Women in Revolt - has recently been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. She suffers from multiple medical conditions but her health has improved considerably since her hospitalization. She is having a lung biopsy on 15 July 2015 using a minimally invasive procedure. We send her the absolute best wishes for her continuing recovery.

Andy Warhol: Polaroids

10 July 2015: Architectural Digest is running an article on a new book to be published in October - Andy Warhol: Polaroids. The AD blog includes a slide show of a selection of Warhol's Polaroids - see:

Warhol - the supercomputer

9 July 2015: Dark Horse Comics - publisher of licensed comics based on movies such as Star Wars and Aliens - has released a new comic, The Tomorrows #1, which includes a supercomputer named "Warhol." As with the comic's title, numbers were also used with Warhol's film titles, such as Haircut #1, Beauty #2 and others.

The blurb for the comic reads: "They told you the counterculture was dead. They were wrong. Welcome to the new reality. A bold new speculative-fiction comic from the mind of writer Curt Pires, with each issue illustrated by a different brilliant artist! The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutal—unless The Tomorrows can stop it."

Excerpt from The Tomorrows comic book

Excerpt from The Tomorrows #1 - a comic featuring a supercomputer named "Warhol"

Comics reviewer Maximus Prime, writes on the Geeks of Doom website, "When I started reading The Tomorrows #1, I couldn’t help but think of Andy Warhol and his pop art movement. As I read on, a smile emblazoned itself on my face when I realized that the Tomorrow’s supercomputer is named Warhol, is made in the likeness of Andy Warhol, and even speaks like Andy Warhol. The vivid colors and traditional comic book style drawings blend together with the dark, futuristic world to burst off of the page in a genuinely superb way."

The Dark Horse website is at:

Prime's review can be found at:

International Pop exhibition catalogue

8 July 2015: The "International Pop" exhibition catalogue ($85.00) is due to be published in the next few weeks. The exhibition currently at the Walker Art Center includes work by a fascinating international array of artists and an extensive series of film screenings - see:

A review of the show appeared in the 24 June issue of The Wall Street Journal at:

Discounted pre-orders of the catalogue:

The Street, The Store, and the Silver Screen

7 July 2015: "The Street, The Store, and the Silver Screen: Pop Art from the MCA Collection" opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on 19 December 2015 and runs until 27 March 2016. Artists include Andy Warhol, Ed Rusha, Claes Oldenburg and Mel Ramos. Details at:

Little Red Book #178

6 July 2015: A gallery talk by Kelsey Donahue will take place on 12 September 2015 at the Frye Art Museum on "Andy Warhol: Little Red Book #178 + 12 Screen Tests." The talk is in conjunction with their exhibition "Andy Warhol: Little Red Book #178" which opened on 16 May and runs until 13 September 2015.

From the museum blurb:

"Little Red Book #178 comprises nineteen Polaroids of friends and celebrities, many of whom were involved in the production of Warhol's film L'Amour (1973), which was filmed in Paris in September 1970. L'Amour was written and directed by Warhol and Paul Morrissey. The film starred Warhol superstars Jane Forth and Donna Jordan, French actor Max Delys, and American actor Michael Sklar; the cast also included Peter Greenlaw and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld."

Exhibition details at:

Andy Warhol's L'Amour

5 July 2015: I have added a new essay on Andy Warhol's L'Amour at:

Glenn O'Brien, Jane Holzer, John Cale and John Giorno

4 July 2015: A selection of photographs of Glenn O'Brien interviewing Jane Holzer, John Cale and John Giorno during "Warholmania" in Munich (see below) can be found at: (scroll down).

Sotheby's Sells Dollars

3 July 2015: Sotheby's has posted a video on their website hyping the results of their July Contemporary Art sale (see below) which included the sale of numerous Warhol dollar paintings. A woman at the beginning of the video proclaims that the sale produced the "highest total ever" for a Contemporary Art sale in London. That's as far as I got - the video was hurting my ears (and eyes). I would much rather have seen more footage from the auction itself - without the blaring sound track and annoying quick-fire editing. Do they honestly believe that buyers or sellers are actually influenced by this sort of thing? It's more of a 'turn off' than a 'turn on.'

The art press has been less kind to Sotheby's, noting that quite a few high profile items did not sell. Blouin ArtInfo notes that "the result failed to meet pre-sale expectations of £142.2-202.6 million on 58 lots offered. Nine of those 58 went unsold for what might have been a reasonable 15.5 percent buy-in rate by lot—except that three of those casualties carried a combined pre-sale low estimate of £43 million pounds." (

Warhol's hand painted One Dollar bill (Silver Certificate) (1962) went to a telephone bidder for £20,869,000 (est. £13-18 million). Warhol's dollars signs from the 1980s (once considered cheap cousins to his 'real' dollar paintings from the '60s) continue to rise in value - at least among dealers. José Mugrabi bought one for £4,685,000 (est. £4-6 million) and Larry Gagosian for £6,925,000 (est. £4.5-6.5 million).

Two major paintings from the Warhol dollars of 1962 went unsold: Front and Back Dollar Bills and Two Dollar Bills (Back) (40 Two Dollar Bills in Green).

Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei

2 July 2015: An exhibition of works by Ai Weiwei coupled with the works of Andy Warhol will open at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne prior to a run at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The double artist show, "Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei," will run at the NGV from 11 December 2015 to 24 April 2016 before opening at The Warhol in June 2016. The Warhol Foundation has supported Ai Weiwei for a considerable period of time. When he was detained by Chinese authorities in 2011, they issued a press release calling for his release. (See

"Richard Prince Sold Strangers' Instagram Photos
for $90k And It's Probably Legal"

1 July 2015: The Huffington Post has published an article on the appropriation of images by artists - "Richard Prince Sold Strangers' Instagram Photos For $90k -- And It's Probably Legal" - which includes an analysis of Warhol as the "father" of appropriation.

Article at:

Warhol's Nature

30 June 2015: "Warhol's Nature" opens at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art on the Fourth of July and includes a Spotify playlist of music that Warhol was known to listen to. The exhibition runs until 5 October 2015. Details at:

Andy Warhol and Schraffts

29 June 2015: A still from the commercial that Andy Warhol did for Schraffts in 1968 has appeared on ArtNet at:

Warhol makes reference to the commercial in an interview from the 10 November 1968 issue of The New York Times magazine - see

Robert Heide and Candy Darling

28 June 2015: Caffe Cino playwright Robert Heide has written an interesting account of the Village gay scene in the sixties, including a mention of Candy Darling. Heide wrote the play Bed on which Warhol based his film, Bed, as advertised in the 28 April 1966 issue of the Village Voice:

Bed by Andy Warhol ad

Village Voice ad 28 April 1966 advertising Warhol's
film, Bed, "based on a play by Bob Heide"

Robert Heide ("Riots at the Stonewall and magic at Caffe Cino; Gay revolution in Greenwich Village in the ’60s," The Villager, 25 June 2015):

I myself hit the Stonewall a few times back in the early days with a brownette, pointy-toothed Candy Darling. This was before he/she was given a makeover by the flamboyant Off Off Broadway theater director Ron Link, who taught Candy how to do her makeup in 1930s movie-star style.

The newly glamorized Candy was presented in a show written by Jackie Curtis at Bastiano’s Cellar Studio Theater in the Village called “Glamour, Glory and Gold,” which featured in his first stage role a young actor named Robert De Niro. For the Candy transformation, Link got out a white henna powder concoction that, when mixed with peroxide and pure ammonia and applied to dark hair, turned it platinum-white blonde, thus changing a drab Candy into a Kim Novak/Jean Harlow blonde bombshell.

Eventually, Candy went on to become a Warhol Superstar: for the final makeover touch Warhol paid to have Candy’s teeth capped pearly white. At about the same time, drag performers Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn also jumped into the Warhol superstar film scene at the Factory.

The full article can be found at:

Anthony Haden-Guest

27 June 2015: Anthony Haden-Guest has curated an exhibition devoted to mid-70s to 90s NY club culture (including Studio 54 of course) at the WhiteBox Gallery. According to the gallery, "this exhibition will run throughout the summer at WhiteBox. Offsite musical performances and capsule exhibitions will be hosted at ACME and VS Gallery (dates to be announced)." The show closes on August 23rd - no dates yet for any off-site events.

Details at:

Candy Darling

26 June 2015: Laura Rubin is selling limited photographs of Candy Darling - "candy close up" "candy in black dress" "candy & jeremiah" "candy looking down" brooklyn, ny 1971 signed by artist. For pricing email

Candy Darling 1

Candy Darling 4andy warhol spaceCandy Darling 3

Candy Darling 2

The Chelsea Hotel

25 June 2015: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the redevelopment of the Chelsea Hotel "is running at least a year behind schedule, is over budget and has been the source of disagreements between its owners over how to position the hotel and how much to spend on upgrades." Joseph Chetrit bought the property from the families who owned it in 2011 for $78 million. After complaints by residents who filed a lawsuit against Chetrit for failing to "provide heat and hot water" and subjecting them to "hazardous dust," "collapsing ceilings," and creating a "serious fire safety hazard," he sold the property to a consortium who dealt with disgruntled residents by providing pay-outs and temporary housing arrangements off-site during construction. So far, the new owners have spent about $185 million in acquisition and renovation costs.

The article is at:

The Warhol presents Television

24 June 2015: The Warhol museum will be presenting the '70s new wave band, Television, at the Carnegie Music Hall on 25 September 2015 at 8 pm. In addition to Tom Verlaine the current configuration of the band features Jimmy Rip on guitar (who replaced founding guitarist Richard Lloyd in 2004), Fred Smith on bass, and Billy Ficca on drums. The Carnegie Music Hall is located in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh - the area where the Warhola's Dawson Street home was located.

Welcome to Oakland - Home of Andy Warhol - sign


Collecting Contemporary 1960-2015:
Selections from the Schorr Collection

23 June 2015: "Collecting Contemporary, 1960-2015: Selections from the Schorr Collection," opens at the Princeton University Art Museum this Saturday, 27 June 2015, and runs until 20 September 2015. Includes work by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Details at:

Thomas Keidrowski and James Warhola

22 June 2015: Thomas Kiedrowski, author of Andy Warhol’s New York City, and Andy Warhol's nephew, the illustrator and author James Warhola, will be speaking at The Palace in Stamford, Connecticut - on Friday 26 June at 8 pm.

Details at:

Andy's Randy Summer

21 June 2015: "Andy's Randy Summer" ends next week (25 June) at Christie's. The "over 18 only" online auction is advertised by Christie's as "coinciding with LGBTQ Pride month" and features Warhol's photographs, drawings and prints "that together offer visual explorations of sexuality, desire and the body within the gay community." It includes Fire Island Beach Party (1982), Men in Pool (1982), images from his Ladies and Gentlemen drag series, a portrait of Victor Hugo (1976 Polaroid), Sex Parts screenprints (including the anal sex image) and quite a few others - most going for only a few thousand dollars.

Details and images at:


Warholmania in Munich
Poster for "Yes! Yes! Yes! Warholmania in Munich"

20 June 2015: "YES!YES!YES! WARHOLMANIA IN MUNICH," a major festival of Warhol's films and art is taking place in Munich from 23 June to 28 October 2015, presented by the Museum Brandhorst and FILMFEST MÜNCHEN (#Warholmania). The museum will be exhibiting, for the first time, their entire collection of work by Warhol and there will be a large number of film screenings (curated by Glenn O'Brien and Katja Eichinger), panel discussions and other events.

Films to be screened include: Bike Boy, The Chelsea Girls, Lonesome Cowboys, San Diego Surf, Tarzan and Jane Regained, Sort of..., Camp, Screen Tests of Jane Holzer, Donyale Luna and Jack Smith; a special Edie Sedgwick program consisting of Beauty #2 and Outer and Inner Space; a Mario Montez program of Screen Test No. 2 (one of my personal favourites) and Mario Banana #1 and 2; a Velvet Underground program consisting of The Velvet Underground and Nico and the Screen Tests of Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, Maureen Tucker and Nico and a Vinyl program including the Screen Tests of Larry Latreille, Gerard Malanga and Ondine.

Another program of films, "Beyond Warhol," chosen by Katja Eichinger, includes William Friedkin's Cruising (hilariously brilliant - who would have thought that they'd ever see Al Pacino snorting poppers on the dance floor of a gay disco after seeing someone get fisted in the backroom - clip at

Eichinger's selection of films also includes Cocaine Cowboys which was filmed on Warhol's Montauk estate by a a real-life drug dealer (Tom Sullivan) and features a cameo appearance by Warhol. Also showing is Ulli Lommel's Blank Generation and even Spring Breakers by the brilliant Harmony Korine(with executive producer Jane Holzer.) (An early interview with a young and adorable Hamony Korine can be seen on David Letterman show clip on YouTube:

And if that isn't enough to to get you to book a flight NOW to Munich, the panel discussions are going to include Glenn O'Brien moderating a discussion with Jane Holzer, John Cale and Sleep star John Giorno.

And - in addition to the Museum exhibition and film screenings, there is also going to be an exhibition of photography by Bob Adelman from 19 June - 25 July at the Schirmer/Mosel Showroom in Munich. Adelman is the photographer who took the photos of the Warhol party at Al Roon's health club (see news archive).

Details of film screenings and events at:

Details of the exhibition at:

More info on:

Bike Boy at:
The Chelsea Girls at
Lonesome Cowboys at:
San Diego Surf at:
Tarzan and Jane: at
Donyale Luna at:
Jack Smith at:
Screen Test No. 2 at:

In Living Color: Andy Warhol
and Contemporary Printmaking

19 June 2015: "In Living Color: Andy Warhol and Contemporary Printmaking" opens at the Tampa Museum of Art tomorrow. Details at:

Andy Warhol in Coast FM

18 June 2015: The remaining Warhol articles from the Coast FM & Fine Arts magazine (see previous story on The Truth Game) have been added to the Warhol Film Ads site, along with a number of other interesting articles from other publications - check the update list on the top of the main page at:

The Truth Game

17 June 2015: Alfredo Garcia has added a set of articles about Warhol from an extremely rare issue of Coast FM & Fine Arts magazine to his Warhol Film Ads site. The articles include one by John Hallowell who accompanied Warhol and a small group of superstars to Los Angeles at a time when Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey were talking to the press about making a film named after Hallowell's book The Truth Game.

Andy Warhol goes to Los Angeles for discussions on The Truth Game

( - scroll down)

The Truth Game trip to Los Angeles took place in May 1969 and was paid for by Columbia Studios. A 7 May 1969 article in Variety about Flesh and Lonesome Cowboys made reference to The Truth Game as "the next Warhol opus."

Kent E. Carroll ("More Structured, Less Scandalized Warhol Aiming for Wider Playoff," Variety, 7 May 1969):

The next Warhol opus, set to begin shooting on Los Angeles streets in about three weeks, is being financed by Michael Loughlin, producer of Joanna and new husband of Leslie Caron. All other pix were internally financed. The sum is $100,000 which included buying the title rights of John Hollowell's [sic] The Truth Game. According to Warhol, Caron, Clint Eastwood, Natalie Wood and Troy Donohue will all make brief appearances. Among the company of regulars the featured part wil be played by Candy Darling, a young man who attempts to appear as much as possible like a young woman. Laughlin will handle the distribution. (

An earlier reference to the film was made in the 24 April issue of the Village Voice:

article on Andy Warhol and The Truth Game

"Scenes" in The Village Voice, 24 April 1969, p. 55

Although The Truth Game was never made, Hallowell was credited with the idea behind Andy Warhol's Heat and plays a gossip columnist in that film. Warhol's boyfriend, Jed Johnson, and one of the editors of Heat, was part of Warhol's entourage when they visited L.A. for The Truth Game. (He's mentioned briefly in the Coast FM article.)

Also included from the same issue of Coast FM on the Warhol Film Ads site is a scathingly bitchy review of Warhol's films by Rex Reed, a more reasoned analysis of his films by Richard Whitehall and a fairly good filmography of Warhol's films, given the information known at the time.

Andy Warhol filmography in Coast FM

( - scroll down)

Bailey on Warhol in Scotland

16 June 2015: A free screening of David Bailey's film on Andy Warhol, Bailey on... Warhol (in which Warhol explains the reason for his Death and Disaster series and why underground films are called "underground"), will be held at the Scottish National Gallery on 27 July 2015. Details at:

According to Warhol star Jane Holzer, star of Soap Opera (see below) David Bailey "created" her when he shot her for a Vogue fashion shoot in the summer of 1963:

Jane Holzer (1964):

Bailey is fantastic. Bailey created four girls that summer [of 1963]. He created Jean Shrimpton, he created me, he created Angela Howard and Susan Murray. There's no photographer like that in America. Avedon hasn't done that for a girl, Penn hasn't, and Bailey created four girls in one summer. He did some pictures of me for the English Vogue, and that was all it took... Some people say I look like a child, you know, Baby Jane. And, I mean, I don't know what I look like, I guess it's just 1964 Jewish. (

Andy Warhol's Soap Opera

15 June 2015: Claire K. Henry of The Andy Warhol Film Project will be moderating a discussion about Andy Warhol's film, Soap Opera, starring Baby Jane Holzer and Sam Green, at the Whitney Museum in conjunction with the Jewish Museum's current exhibition, "Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television." Participating on the panel discussion will be the artist Alex Bag and Bruce Jenkins from the Art Institute of Chicago (and one of the numerous authors of the forthcoming second volume(s) of the film cat. rais.).

The panel discussion will take place on Saturday 18 July 2015 and will be preceeded by a screening of the film at 7 pm.

Details at:

More on Andy Warhol's Soap Opera at:

The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol

14 June 2015: "The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol 1973-1987" opens at The Hyde Collection Art Museum on 21 June 2015 and continues until 27 September 2015. Details at:

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