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Update on Rudy Vallée Painting by Andy Warhol
by Gary Comenas (2012)

Statement from Paul Warhola

Andy Warhol's brother, Paul Warhola, has issued the following statement denying that the Rudy Vallée sketch is by Warhol. Paul grew up with Andy and is familiar with his childhood work. The owner of the sketch, Andy Fields, claims that he acquired the childhood sketch of Rudy Vallée by Warhol from somebody named "Milton Longe" at a Las Vegas garage sale but says he has been unable to find Longe since. He also claims that the work was found behind a sketch by Gertrude Stein that he purchased at the garage sale. Stein expert, Professor Wanda Corn, has denied that the Stein sketch is by Stein. Her statement can be found here.

The original press release for the event can be found here.

ITV coverage about the painting noted that "one expert backs" Fields "but seven more won't commit," but does not name the one expert who reportedly believes it is a real Warhol. The RWA Bristol has also not named one expert who believes the work to be a real Warhol.

Below is Mr. Warhola's statement:

May 24, 2012

Paul Warhola Pittsburgh, PA

Re: Andy Fields Artwork

Last year in October, 2011, Mr. Andy Fields contacted us - the Warhol Family in regards to a drawing that he felt was done by my brother, Andy Warhol.

We clearly stated to him at the time that it most definitely was NOT done by Warhol as far as we were concerned. It had NO characteristics of his drawing style whatsoever and the signature was vastly unlike his real signature. It doesn’t even come close to being like Warhol’s early work. Also, Mr. Fields supplied us with several names that he felt may connect this drawing with the family. None of the names were familiar to the family. Therefore there is NO connection to Andy Warhol or Warhol’s family whatsoever.

In addition, I understand that the Warhol Authentication Board has also stated similarly that it was ‘not by the hand of Warhol.’

Rather than accepting this reality, Mr. Fields continues to promote this art as an original piece of art done by Andy Warhol. He does this without mentioning the fact that the Warhol family or the Warhol Foundation has denied its authenticity. This information should be relevant to anyone showing this art and labeling it an original Warhol. It should neither be shown as an original Andy Warhol nor be promoted as such. It not only deceives the public but it also damages the reputation of an important historical artist.

Paul Warhola

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