Born in 1939, Ondine's real name was Robert Xavier Francis Peter Michael Olivo. He changed his name to Ondine after Jean Giraudoux's play Ondine. (AD149) The Warhol films he appeared in included Three, Couch, Vinyl, Restaurant, Afternooon, The Pope Ondine Story (two reels of which began and ended The Chelsea Girls, The Loves of Ondine, Since, Imitation of Christ, and **** (Four Stars). He died of liver disease in Queens in 1989.

Ondine meets Andy Warhol at an orgy - Ondine slaps Ronna Page in The Chelsea Girls - Inside Andy Warhol - and Ondine - Loves of Ondine - Ondine and the Caffe Cino - Ondine as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol - Four Stars - Ondine cleans up - Ondine gets old - Death of Ondine

Ondine at the second Factory (1968)
(Photo: Billy Name)

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