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1. Realism vs. Abstraction (1800 - 1938)

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1800 - 1899: The Art Students League

America's "oldest public art museum" opens.
Robert Henri is born on June 25, 1865.
John Sloan is born on August 2, 1871.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens.
Jackson Pollock's mother is born in May 1875.
The Art Students League is founded.
John Graham is born in 1886.
Marcel Duchamp is born on July 28, 1887.
Milton Avery is born on March 7, 1893.
Stuart Davis is born on December 7, 1894.
André Breton is born on February 18, 1896.
Sidney Janis is born in 1896.
Kay Sage is born on June 25, 1898.
Peggy Guggenheim is born on August 26, 1898.
Bradley Walker Tomlin is born on August 19, 1899.

1900 - 1909: The Eight

Yves Tanguy is born on January 5, 1900.
Betty Parsons is born on January 31, 1900.
Jack Tworkov is born on August 15, 1900.
Valentine Dudensing is born in 1901.
Adolph Gottlieb is born on March 14, 1903.
Mark Rothko is born on September 25, 1903.
Willem de Kooning is born on April 24, 1904.
Meyer Schapiro is born on September 23, 1904.
Clyfford Still is born on November 30, 1904.
Barnett Newman is born on January 29, 1905.
Misha Reznikoff is born in 1905.
Wolfgang Robert Paalen is born on July 22, 1905.
John Ferren is born on October 17, 1905.
The 291 Gallery opens.
Harold Rosenberg is born on February 2, 1906.
James Brooks is born on October 18, 1906.
Leo Castelli is born on September 4, 1907.
Exhibition of "The Eight" opens at the Macbeth Gallery.
Stuart Davis studies art at Robert Henri's school.
Clement Greenberg is born on January 16, 1909.

1910 - 1919: The Armory Show

"Exhibition of Independent Artists" takes place in New York.
Franz Kline is born on May 23, 1910.
Phillip Pavia is born on March 15, 1911.
Cézanne at the 291 Gallery.
First solo show of Pablo Picasso takes place at the 291 Gallery.
Barnett Newman's family moves to the Bronx.
Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren is born on November 11, 1911.
Art dealer Charles Egan is born in 1912.
Jackson Pollock is born on January 28, 1912.
William Baziotes is born on June 11, 1912.
John Cage is born on September 5, 1912.
Jackson Pollock moves to San Diego.
The Armory Show takes place.
Conrad Marca-Relli is born on June 5, 1913.
Philip Guston is born on July 27, 1913.
Mark Rothko arrives in the U.S.A.
Jackson Pollock's father, LeRoy, buys a farm in Arizona.
Peter Busa is born in 1914.
Mark Rothko's father dies.
Franz Ferdinand is murdered at Sarajevo: World War I begins.
Mark Rothko and his family move to 232 Lincoln Avenue in Portland, Oregon.
Robert Motherwell is born on January 14, 1915.
Mark Rothko and family move to 538 2nd Street in Portland Oregon.
The Battle of Van (and the Armenian Genocide) begins - Arshile Gorky survives.
John Sloan begins teaching at the Art Students League.
Katherine Dreier becomes a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society of Independent Artists.
Stuart Davis and John Sloan resign from The Masses magazine.
The New York Times announces exhibition planned by the Society of Independent Artists.
David Hare is born on March 10, 1917.
Society of Independent Artists exhibition at the Grand Central Palace.
Franz Kline's father commits suicide.
The Motherwells move to California.
The Pollocks purchase a farm.
First issue of The Liberator is published.
Robert Motherwell in Salt Lake City Utah.
Adolph Gottlieb drops out of high school.
Franz Kline enrolls at Girard College.
Barnett Newman attends high school.

1920 - 1924: Société Anonyme

The Pollocks move from Chico to Janesville.
Arshile Gorky and his sister arrive in the U.S.
Franz Kline's mother remarries.
The first exhibition of the Société Anonyme opens.
Adolph Gottlieb enrolls in a life drawing class at the Parsons School of Design.
Arshile Gorky becomes Archie Gunn.
Jackson Pollock's father leaves his wife.
Arshile Gorky leaves his father and moves in with his sisters.
Adolph Gottlieb enrolls in John Sloan's class at the Art Students League.
Marcel Duchamp publishes New York dada.
Société Anonyme celebrates its first birthday with "“An Evening with Gertrude Stein."
Jackson Pollock and family move to to Orland.
Adolph Gottlieb goes to Europe.
Mark Rothko graduates from high school.
Mark Rothko enters Yale University.
Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp leave New York for Paris.
Charles Pollock drops out of high school.
Barnett Newman takes classes at the Art Students League.
Jackson Pollock's brother, Charles, arrives in Los Angeles.
The first issue of The Young Worker is published.
The first issue of the Labor Herald is published.
Arshile Gorky enrolls at Boston's New School of Design.
First solo exhibition of Kandinsky in the United States.
Adolph Gottlieb enrolls in John Sloan's painting class at the Art Students League.
Jackson Pollock's mother, Stella, sells the Orland property.
Mark Rothko and two college friends start The Yale Saturday Evening Pest.
The Pollocks move back to Phoenix, Arizona.
Gorky's sister Vartoosh marries Moorad Mooradian.
Arshile Gorky's father marries Akabi Shaljian.
Barnett Newman begins full-time study at the Art Students League.
Jackson Pollock enrolls in the sixth grade of Monroe Elementary School in Phoenix.
Barnett Newman enrolls in the City College of New York.
Mark Rothko quits Yale.
Jackson Pollock severs his right index finger.
Jackson Pollock visits his brother Charles in Los Angeles.
Arshile Gorky paints a president a minute.
The Liberator is reorganized.
André Breton publishes his Manifesto of Surrealism in France.
The Dudensing Gallery opens in New York.
J. B. Neumann opens a gallery in New York.
Adolph Gottlieb graduates from John Sloan's class at the Art Students League and later rents a studio.
Vladimir Lenin dies.
Arshile Gorky visits John Singer Sargent exhibition in New York.
The Pollocks move from Phoenix.
Jackson Pollock's mother, Stella, rents a small house in Riverside, California.
The first issue of Workers Monthly is published.
The U.S. passes the Immigration Act of 1924.

1925 - 1927: The Artist and His Mother

Arshile Gorky is admitted to the National Academy of Design in New York City.
Franz Kline moves in with his mother and step-father.
Arshile Gorky attends exhibition of the Blue Four at the Daniel Gallery.
Clyfford Still studies at the Art Students' League - for forty five minutes.
Arshile Gorky attends the Grand Central School of Art in New York.
Mark Rothko enrolls again at the Art Students League.
Arshile Gorky's sister, Vartoosh, and her husband, Moorad, join the Communist Party.
The Motherwells move to California.
Adolph Gottlieb studies at the Art Students League and the Educational Alliance.
Jackson Pollock's brother, Charles, moves to New York.
The Downtown Gallery opens.
Arshile Gorky begins painting The Artist and His Mother.
The first issue of New Masses is published (Ad Reinhardt contributes cartoons/illustrations from 1936 to 1940).
Frank O'Hara is born on June 27, 1926.
Willem De Kooning arrives in the United States.
Jackson Pollock enrolls in Manual Training School, Riverside.
Franz Kline enrolls in Lehighton Junior High.
Arshile Gorky appears in the New York Evening Post.
“An International Exhibition of Modern Art Assembled by the Société Anonyme" at the Brooklyn Museum opens.
Franz Kline's freshman year at Lehighton High School in Pennsylvania.
Stuart Davis paints his Egg Beater series.
The Gallatin Gallery of Living Art opens.
Barnett Newman graduates from City College of New York.
Jackson Pollock works at the Grand Canyon.
Sacco and Vanzetti are executed.
Mark Rothko illustrates The Graphic Bible.
Jackson Pollock enrolls at Riverside High School.
Jackson Pollock's father apologises to his son.

1928 -1929: Crash

Arshile Gorky meets John Graham.
Jackson Pollock drops out of Riverside High School.
The Pollocks move to Los Angeles.
Franz Kline's sophomore year at Lehighton HIgh School.
Jackson Pollock enrolls at Manual Arts High School.
Mark Rothko shows at the Opportunity Gallery.
The John Reed Club is founded.
Willem de Kooning falls in love with a tightrope walker.
Adolph Gottlieb exhibits at the Opportunity Gallery.
Arshile Gorky meets Ruth French.
Barnett Newman attends the Art Students League again.
The term, "Abstract Expressionism," is first used in the United States.
Jackson Pollock and Philip Guston are suspended.
Willem de Kooning befriends John Graham.
Arshile Gorky meets Stuart Davis.
Mark Rothko teaches at the Center Academy.
Jackson Pollock has a fist fight with his father.
Arshile Gorky takes a studio at 36 Union Square.
Franz Kline's junior year at Lehighton High School in Pennsylvania.
Robert Motherwell attends Moran Preparatory School.
Jackson Pollock returns to Manual Arts HIgh School.
The American stock market crashes.
Willem de Kooning befriends Arshile Gorky.
The Museum of Modern Art opens.
Willem de Kooning works as window dresser for A.S. Beck.

1930: The Jumble Shop and Romany Marie's

Arshile Gorky attends "Painting in Paris" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art.
Philip Guston paints Mother and Child.
Milton Avery moves to 72nd Street.
Arshile Gorky visits his girlfriend's father in an insane asylum.
Willem de Kooning, John Graham, Stuart Davis and Arshile Gorky hang out.
"Weber, Klee, Lehmbruck, Maillol" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art.
Arshile Gorky exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art.
Adolph Gottlieb has his first one-man show - at the Dudensing Gallery in New York.
The Chrysler Building opens.
Willem de Kooning goes to Woodstock.
Jackson Pollock's brothers visit Jackson in L.A.
Willem de Kooning and Nini move house.
Willem De Kooning's girlfriend has an abortion.
"Picasso Drawings and Gouaches" at the John Becker Gallery.
Franz Kline has an operation.
Philip Guston enrolls at the Otis Art Institute.
Miró's first solo exhibition in America at the Valentine Gallery.
Jackson Pollock moves to New York and enrolls at the Art Students League, studying under Thomas Hart Benton .

1931: Newer Super-Realism

"Special Exhibition Arranged in Honour of the Opening of the New Building of the New School for Social Research" opens - includes Gorky's Improvisation.
Barnett Newman works as a substitute teacher.
Barnett Newman meets Milton Avery.
Mrs. John D. Rockefeller buys Arshile Gorky's Fruit.
The Empire State Building opens to the public.
Franz Kline graduates from high school.
Jackson Pollock's brother Charles marries Elizabeth England.
"Paintings, Water-colours, Drawings, Sculptures by Leading Contemporary American Artists" exhibition at the Downtown Gallery includes Gorky's Still Life .
Jackson Pollock and Manuel Tolegian hitchhike to Los Angeles.
Franz Kline enrolls in college.
Jackson Pollock starts his second year at the Art Students League.
Article on Stuart Davis by Arshile Gorky appears in Creative Art.
"Artists' Models: Figure Paintings by Leading Contemporary American Artists" at the Downtown Gallery - Gorky shows Head.
The Whitney Museum of American Art opens in New York.
The first U.S. exhibition of Surrealism in the U.S opens - "Newer Super-Realism."
"Henri Matisse" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art.
"American Printmakers: Fifth Annual Exhibition" at the Downtown Gallery.
Diego Rivera retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.
Arshile Gorky joins the unemployed.

1932: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

"Surrealism Paintings, Drawings & Photographs" exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.
First Miró solo exhibition at Pierre Matisse.
Arshile Gorky and Ruth French (aka Sirun Mussikian) split up.
Willem de Kooning and Nini move to Greenwich Village.
Barnett Newman gets a teaching position at Grover Cleveland High School.
"The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti" exhibition at the Downtown Gallery.
Arshile Gorky's sister Vartoosh and her husband Moorad return to Armenia.
Adolph Gottlieb marries Esther Dick.
Jackson Pollock meets David Alfaro Siqueiros.
The ACA Gallery opens on Madison Avenue.
Jackson Pollock moves into 46 Carmine Street.
Robert Motherwell attends Stanford University.
Jackson Pollock becomes a class monitor.
"Surrealiste" exhibition by Max Ernst at the Julien Levy Gallery.
Mark Rothko marries Edith Sachar.
Bing Crosby records Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected U.S. President.
Philip Guston and Reuben Kadish paint murals for the Los Angeles branch of the John Reed Club.
Thomas Hart Benton's murals, Arts of Life in America, are unveiled at the Whitney Museum - Jackson Pollock helps with the installation.

1933: Dachau

Jackson Pollock is taught by John Sloan.
Adolph Hitler becomes Chancellor of the Third Reich.
Modern Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung is published in the United States.
William Baziotes moves to New York.
Philip Guston exhibits for the first time.
Barnett Newman rents a studio in Greenwich Village.
Balcomb Greene returns to New York.
Hans Hofmann opens a school in New York.
Los Angeles police raid the John Reed Club, destroying a Guston mural.
Nazis raid the German Communist Headquarters.
A fire breaks out at the Reichstag.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated.
Diego Rivera paints Man at the Crossroads.
Jackson Pollock's father dies.
The formation of the first concentration camp in Germany (Dachau) is announced.
Jackson Pollock drops out.
Philip Guston exhibits Mother and Child.
George Biddle writes to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The Nazis burn books.
Clyfford Still graduates.
Mark Rothko exhibits in Portland.
Adolph Gottlieb rents a place in East Gloucester.
Jackson Pollock moves to 8th Street - and watches Diego Rivera paint Man at the Crossroads.
Thomas Hart Benton returns to New York and paints Jackson Pollock.
Jackson Pollock is hospitalized after a drunken brawl.
Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.
Adolph Gottlieb moves to Brooklyn.
Barnett Newman runs for mayor.
Mark Rothko has first N.Y. solo exhibition.
Salvador Dali exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.
Franz Kline meets Martha Kinney.
The Public Works of Art Project begins - Arshile Gorky joins.
Arshile Gorky begins painting Portrait of Myself and My Imaginary Wife.

1934: The Artists' Union

Arshile Gorky sketches 1934.
Milton Avery is dropped from the Public Works of Art Project.
Philip Guston, Reuben Kadish and Sande Pollock paint an arch.
David Alfaro Siqueiros arrives in New York.
Barnett Newman meets Annalee.
The Artists' Union is founded.
Arshile Gorky's first one-man show.
Mark Rothko's students exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.
Arshile Gorky's paintings are trashed.
Arshile Gorky exhibits at "The First Municipal Art Exhibition."
The John Reed Club closes.
Willem de Kooning meets Juliet Browner.
Salvador Dali, Drawings and Etchings at the Julien Levy Gallery.
"National Exhibition of Art by the Public Works of Art Project" at the Corcoran Gallery.
Arshile Gorky is dropped from the Public Works of Art Project.
Mark Rothko exhibits at Robert Godsoe's Uptown Gallery.
The PWAP folds.
Arshile Gorky marries Marny George.
Franz Kline meets John Richard Flanagan.
Nutsy gets tattooed.
Philip Guston, Reuben Kadish and Jules Langsner go to Mexico.
Willem de Kooning has a ménage à trois in Wooodstock.
Arshile Gorky spends the summer in Watertown.
Clyfford Still attends Yaddo.
Jackson Pollock paints Martha's Vineyard.
Jackson Pollock moves to West Houston Street.
The Section of Painting and Sculpture is launched.
Sande Pollock moves in with Jackson Pollock.
Artists march on City Hall.
Art Front is published.
Salvador Dali exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.
Jackson Pollock drips.
Mark Rothko lives at 724 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.
Arshile Gorky's sister returns from Armenia.
The Gallery Secesssion opens.

1935: WPA

Milton Avery joins the F. Valentine Dudensing Gallery.
Willem de Kooning meets Rudy Burckhardt and Edwin Denby.
Arshile Gorky and Stuart Davis are included in "Abstract Painting in America" at the Whitney Museum.
Jackson Pollock paints a lewd mural.
Jackson Pollock exhibits for the first time at a museum.
Adolph Gottlieb attends "African Negro Art" at The Museum of Modern Art.
Arshile Gorky's sister gives birth to Karlen Mooradian.
Germany begins military conscription in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
Philip Guston appears in Time magazine.
The first Writers' Congress takes place.
Jackson Pollock's mentor, Thomas Hart Benton, leaves New York.
Barnett Newman manages Theater Troupe.
First organizational meeting of the American Artists' Congress - Stuart Davis becomes executive secretary and eventually chairman.
Barnett Newman studies teaching.
Willem de Kooning's mother arrives from Holland.
Pierre Laval signs (initials) the Franco-Russian military pact.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt begins the Works Progress Administration (WPA).
Clyfford Still gets a Master of Fine Arts.
Germany signs the Anglo-German naval agreement.
Hans Hofmann opens a summer school in Provincetown.
Barnett Newman rents a studio on W. 13th Street.
Robert Motherwell visits Europe.
Adolph Gottlieb visits Paris.
The Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP) begins.
The Popular Front is endorsed.
The Federal Art Project is launched.
Artists hang out at Stewart's Cafeteria.
Charles Pollock moves to Washington, D.C.
Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky join the Federal Art Project (WPA).
Jackson Pollock moves back to 46 E. 8th Street.
Philip Guston moves to New York, stays with Jackson Pollock and changes his name.
Arshile Gorky exhibits at the Boyer Galleries.
Hugh Stix opens the Artists' Gallery (where Adolph Gottlieb would first show his Arizona paintings).
Fernand Léger at The Museum of Modern Art.
Giorgio de Chirico at the Pierre Matisse Gallery.
Franz Kline goes to England.
Arshile Gorky exhibits at the Guild Art Gallery.
Arshile Gorky dates Mercedes Matter (whose jailmate was Lee Krasner).
Vincent van Gogh at The Museum of Modern Art.
"American Artists' Congress Exhibition" at the ACA Gallery. Arshile Gorky lectures.
Arshile Gorky submits aviation mural designs to the Federal Art Project (WPA).
Mark Rothko moves to Great Jones Street.
The Ten are formed.
Willem de Kooning quits A.S. Beck.
Nutsy moves in with Franz Kline.
Arshile Gorky exhibits (again) at the Guild Art Gallery.
The Ten exhibit at the Montross Gallery.
Arshile Gorky exhibits preliminary aviation mural work at the New York Federal Project Gallery.

1936: Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism

Exhibition of The Ten at the Municipal Art Gallery.
Barnett Newman publishes The Answer.
Arshile Gorky works on Newark Airport murals.
Joan Miró at the Pierre Matisse Gallery.
Adolph Gottlieb joins the Artists' Union and the WPA.
Art dealer Julien Levy publishes Surrealism.
Willem de Kooning moves to W. 22nd St.
Willem de Kooning meets Mark Rothko.
The American Abstract Artists group is formed.
The First American Artists' Congress Against War and Fascism takes place.
Cubism and Abstract Art exhibition takes place at The Museum of Modern Art.
Mexican muralist David Siqueiros sets up a Laboratory of Modern Techniques in Art.
Franz Kline moves to Westbourne Grove and paints Nijinksy.
Franz Kline attends Heatherley's School of Fine Art and frequents the British Museum.
The Artists' Union has a convention.
Arshile Gorky paints Xhorkom (Khorkum).
Franz Kline's flatmate leaves London for Singapore.
Mark Rothko writes a book?
Arshile Gorky drops Wyatt Davis.
Barnett Newman gets married.
Franz Kline is visited by his high school English teacher.
Mark Rothko applies to TRAP - his WPA paintings include Untitled (Subway) and Untitled (Two Women at the Window).
Jackson Pollock attends his brother's wedding.
Arshile Gorky falls in love with artist Carinne West.
Jackson Pollock and Philip Guston view José Clemente Orozco's mural The Epic of American Civilization.
The Moscow Trials.
Barnett Newman and wife return to New York from Maine and rent an apartment in Chelsea.
Jackson Pollock has another car accident.
John Ferren exhibition at the Pierre Matisse Gallery.
"New Horizons in American Art" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art includes work by Willem de Kooning, Stuart Davis, Balcomb Greene and Arshile Gorky.
Jackson Pollock meets Becky Tarwater.
Franz Kline's drawings are published in The Artist.
"De Chirico, Paintings and Gouaches" exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.
Arshile Gorky's sister Vartoosh and her husband Moorad move from Gorky's studio to Chicago.
The Ten exhibit in Paris.
The WPA requests a report from Gorky in regard to his airport mural.
Jackson Pollock meets Lee Krasner.
The Ten have a second exhibition at the Montross Gallery.
"Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.
Martha Kinney leaves Franz Kline.

1937: Master Bill

Carl Jung lectures at Yale University.
Retrospective at the Municipal Art Gallery - includes Adolph Gottlieb and Milton Avery.
Franz Kline meets his future wife.
Adolph Gottlieb does a Post Office mural.
Philip Guston marries Musa McKim - Jackson Pollock's brother serves as witness.
System and Dialectics of Art by John Graham is published.
Barnett Newman applies for work and a Guggenheim Fellowship.
Mark Rothko's wife is dropped from the WPA.
Arshile Gorky sends a letter to his "loveds."
Jackson Pollock proposes to Becky Tarwater.
"Indian Art of the United States" at The Museum of Modern Art.
Jackson Pollock sees a psychiatrist.
Franz Kline exhibition at Heatherly's.
TRAP begins phasing out easel painters in favour of mural painters.
Jackson Pollock exhibits Cotton Pickers at the Temporary Galleries of the Municipal Art Committee at 62 West 53rd Street.
Arshile Gorky paints Willem de Kooning.
First Annual of the American Artists' Congress at the ACA Galleries.
Barnett Newman fails a teaching exam.
Adolph Gottlieb attends "Prehistoric Rock Pictures in Europe and Africa" at The Museum of Modern Art.
"Paintings by Paul Cézanne from the Museum" at The Museum of Modern Art.
Exhibition of The Ten at the Georgette Passedoit Gallery.
Mark Rothko is re-assigned to the Easel Division of the Federal Art Project.
Robert Motherwell attends Harvard University.
Mark Rothko and his wife separate.
Arshile Gorky's murals are unveiled at the Newark Airport.
Jackson Pollock travels to Chilmark.
All WPA workers have to be American citizens.
Franz Kline travels from London to Wales for holiday.
Arshile Gorky works on mural for the World's Fair.
Franz Kline continues his relationship with Elizabeth V. Parsons in Notting Hill Gate.
Jackson Pollock exhibits a watercolour in the first exhibition of the new WPA Federal Art Gallery.
Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting at the Whitney Museum - includes Arshile Gorky's Painting.
Adolph Gottlieb paints imaginary landscapes in the Arizona desert.
Second American Artists' Congress takes place.
Partisan Review resumes publication with new staff.
Willem de Kooning works on a mural for the World's Fair.
Jackson Pollock gets drunk in Kansas City while visiting Thomas Hart Benton.

1938: Whitney Dissenters

"Exposition internationale du surréalisme" at the Galerie des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Peggy Guggenheim opens Guggenheim Jeune.
Picasso at the Valentine Dudensing Gallery.
Barnett Newman fails an exam.
Franz Kline departs London for the U.S.
Arshile Gorky paints flowers and a Valentine for Leonore Gallet.
Mark Rothko becomes an American citizen.
Adolph Gottlieb paints circus performers.
Barnett Newman fails again.
Stuart Davis and Raphael Soyer support Moscow Trials.
"The Second Annual Membership Exhibition: American Artists' Congress" exhibition takes place at Wanamaker's - Stuart Davis writes text for catalogue.
"Trois Siecles d'Art aux Etats Unis" at the Musée du Jeu de Paume includes Gorky painting.
"Federal Art Projects - Murals for the Community" at the Federal Art Gallery.
Robert Motherwell lives in Europe.
Jackson Pollock is dismissed from the Federal Art Project.
Jackson Pollock is admitted into Bloomingdale Asylum for alcoholism.
Adolph Gottlieb leaves Arizona.
André Breton signs Leon Trotsky's manifesto: "Towards a Free Revolutionary Art."
Mark Rothko and his wife move to East 6th Street.
Juliet Browner moves out of de Kooning's place - and eventually marries Man Ray.
Yves Tanguy at Guggenheim Jeune.
Arshile Gorky goes to Provincetown.
Franz Kline moves to New York.
Adolph Gottlieb returns to New York.
Willem de Kooning meets Elaine Fried.
Arshile Gorky gets a commission for the World's Fair.
The New York Times announces the formation of the American Veterans Society of Artists.
The Whitney Annual opens.
"The Ten: Whitney Dissenters" exhibition at the Mercury Galleries.
"What's Wrong with American Art" is broadcast on WNYC radio.
Jackson Pollock is accepted to the easel division of the Federal Art Project.
The Ten hold an auction.
Franz Kline marries Elizabeth V. Parsons.
Annalee Newman passes exam to teach secretarial skills.

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