Fred Hughes and Andy Warhol in Washington, D.C.

Bob Colacello:

"Ina Ginsberg, Interview's Washington editor, and I had been working on Andy's Washington visit for weeks... I had persuaded my friend Elizinha Goncalves to come along as Andy's date... her ex-husband had been the Brazilian ambassador during the Kennedy administration, and she dazzled the local socialites and gossip columnists with her ruby and diamond necklace...

'I'm so grateful to you,' [Fred Hughes] told me with a loud slur, 'for bringing Elizinha into our lives. She's really FABULOUS! If it's okay with you, buddy, I'd like to FUCK ELIZINHA!' I told him to please lower his voice, everyone could hear, as Elizinha slipped between the senators to the other side of the small, crowded room. 'I WANT TO FUCK ELIZIHNA!' Fred shouted again...

After dinner, Elinzinha made me see her to her room and push a chest of drawers against her door. Meanwhile Karen Lerner had persuaded Senator Heinz to come back up to our suite to interview Andy for 20/20. As he was from Pittsburgh too, she wanted him to ask Andy why he hadn't popularized Heinz ketchup instead of Campbell's soup.

When I returned to the room, the senator and his wife, Teresa, were gone and Ina Ginsburg looked distinctly displeased. 'Something has to be done about Fred,' she said. Thomas Ammann, who was traveling with us, confirmed Ina's story: While I was out of the room, and Andy was being videotaped by 20/20 Fred had apparently taken Teresa Heinz into the bedroom and offered her cocaine. 'What does he think he's doing? I'm a senator's wife,' she had told both Ina and Thomas. 'And there's a TV crew in the next room!'

... I let Fred have it as soon as soon as the Post reporter left... 'Fred, you are drunk and you offered cocaine to Mrs. Heinz.' He denied it... 'I work for a genius' was Fred's reply... 'And I'm not going to live the kind of life where I can't say what I believe at all times.'

'But you don't have to scream it,' said Andy..." (BC434)