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Le Jardin

Le Jardin became a hang out for the Factory crowd - along with the bar the Tenth Floor (nicknamed the Popper Palace). (BC165)

Bob Colacello thought that Sam Green got Candy Darling the job at Le Jardin. It paid $ 1,500 a week, although half of that paid for the band and expenses. With this regular income, Candy was able to move out of Sam Green's and "into a questionable but modern hotel on Seventh Avenue. Unfortunately, Candy wasn't much of a singer, and the jet setters at Le Jardin wanted to dance, not sit and listen. Candy was out of work within a week, and now she had no place to live. Sam couldn't really be blamed for not taking her back in; the last time he had, she came for a week and stayed for a year."

After she lost the job at Le Jardin... "Candy drifted. Sometimes she stayed with her mother; sometimes she stayed with her hairdresser, Eugene of Cinandre... But poor Candy - on top of everything else, she wasn't feeling well. She thought it was an ulcer, and took to drinking milk instead of vodka stingers... She was still as beautiful, maybe more so, thinner and paler. She took to dyeing her hair a little less platinum, a little more 'pink champagne', as she called it, and dressing even more conservatively, always in black or brown." (BC187)

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