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(aka L'Avventura)

Donald Lyons, Ed Hennessey, Dorothy Dean, Ed Hood, Ann Reynolds and Edie Sedgwick in Restaurant (1965)

Restaurant (aka L'Avventura) (1965) is not the same film as Nude Restaurant which was shot in two versions in October 1967.

The cast of the 1965 Restaurant included Edie Sedgwick, Ondine, Bibbe Hansen, Donald Lyons, Ed Hennessey, Dorothy Dean (who later became the door person at Max's), Ed Hood, Ann Reynolds, Gordon Baldwin, Sandy Kirkland and David Sulzberger. It was shot at the restaurant L'Avventura where Edie was a regular.

According to Jonas Mekas, "Chuck Wein assisted with the shooting and scripting." (SG146)

Gordon Baldwin (September 25, 2006):

"My journal entry for July 2, 1965, written in Cambridge, Massachusetts after a week I'd spent in New York, shows that Warhol's film, Restaurant (aka L'Avventura) after the restaurant in which it was made was filmed on Saturday, June 26th... in the cast were also: Donald Lyons, Sandy Kirkland, Ann Reynolds and David Sulzberger. I know this as I too had a minor part in it. As verification of this assertion you could look at the film and see that besides the principal table at which Edie, Donald and Ann are sitting, after a short black stretch (in moving slowly to the right to show a second table the camera encountered an obstacle in the form of a black velvet pedestal) - after passing by the pedestal it arrived at that table where Sandy, David and I were seated. Later, in response to a directive in a note I'd been handed off camera, now playing a waiter, I approached the primary table. Later that afternoon the cast adjourned to the Factory where Stephen Shore, on his first venture there, made a number of photographs of all of us, including one of Sandy and me against a stepladder and another of Andy and me posed at the same ladder. The first image was published in a Swedish Warhol exhibition catalogue, in the 80s as I remember. The second can be found on the current Edie, Girl on Fire web site in conjunction with an interview I had with Melissa Painter... The movie was screened at the Factory the following Monday, June 28, 1965." (GBA)

Although the Koch/Mekas filmographies list this film as being 70 minutes long, the currently restored version is 34 minutes.











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