Sterling Morrison:

Dylan was always around, giving Nico songs. There was one film Andy [Warhol] made with Paul Caruso called The Bob Dylan Story. I don't think Andy has ever shown it. It was hysterical. They got Marlowe Dupont to play Al Grossman. Paul Caruso not only looks like Bob Dylan but as a super caricature he makes even Hendrix look pale by comparison. This was around 1966 when the film was made and his hair was way out here. When he was walking down the street you had to step out of his way. On the eve of the filming, Paul had a change of heart and got his hair cut off - close to his head and he must have removed about a foot so everyone was upset about that. Then Dylan had his accident and that was why the film was never shown. (UT79)

Although Sterling Morrison suggested that the Bob Dylan film was never shown because of Dylan's motorcycle accident, the accident occurred at the end of July 1966 and Susan Pile was filmed for the movie in October 1966.

Susan Pile:

Andy filmed The Bob Dylan Story, starring Paul Caruso...Ingrid Superstar and I were folkrock groupies who rushed in (to the studio), attacked his body and taped him to the motorcycle... Paul Morrissey suggested all of Paul Caruso’s lines be from songs, but Andy, knowing it was a good idea (this is a direct relay from Paul Morrissey) vetoed....My one line (which I wasn’t supposed to say; I was to remain mutely sinister) was: 'You’re just like P.F. Sloane and all the rest - you want to become famous so you can get rid of those pimples.' (accompanied by quick slaps to P. Caruso’s acne-remnanted cheeks)... (S)

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