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Andy Warhol presents Man on the Moon

Bon Colacello covered the opening of Man on the Moon in the "Out" section of Interview magazine, v. 5 no. 3, March 1975:

Wednesday, January 29

Opening night of "Man on the Moon" at the Little Theater. Everyone was there. Hordes of paparazzi and Bobby Zarem manning the gates. Peggy Cass, Ann Meara, Lois Chiles, Warren Beatty, Michelle Phillips and China Phillips were in the front row orchestra. Diana Vreeland and Ambassador Hoveyda of Iran were in row two. Earl Wilson, Sylvia Miles, Naty Abascal, Aileen Franzine, Laura Johnson, Amanda Lear, Jules Feiffer, Pat Ast, Heidi Lieberfarb, Jane Holzer, Eric de Rothschild, Kurt Vonnegut, Geraldo Rivera, and McKenzie Phillips were a little further back. The balcony was packed too: Lee Radziwill, the Erteguns, the McGraths, DD Ryan, Marion Javits, Franco Rosselini, Diane von Furstenberg, Elsa Peretti, Kenny Jay Lane, Fernando Sanchez, Giogio di Sant Angelo, Sam Green, Jacques Bellini.

Then there was a party at Sardi's (LA4-0707). Susan Bottomley, Marcia Trinder and Amanda Lear sat at Genevieve Waite's table. The paparazzi sat at Monique van Vooren's table. Elsa Peretti sat in a phone booth. Paul Newman was having dinner downstairs.

It was noted in the same issue, during an interview with Lee Radziwill, that the play "opened on Broadway on the Wednesday and closed on the Saturday of the preceding week." Both Warhol and Radziwill commented on the play during the interview:

Lee Radziwill: "I thought Genvieve Waite was fantastic. I bought her album the next day."

Andy Warhol: "I have the whole play in my pocket. It makes me nostalgic already. I guess it was a home play."

... Lee Radziwill: "What else has he done, [John] Phillips?"

Andy Warhol: "He's very big. He wrote all the songs for the 'Mom n Papas.' He's been married three times and has has a famous person from each wife - MacKenzie Phillips is a teenage movie star, and now he has China Phillips coming along who's a beauty, and Tamerlaine Phillips with Genevieve. Michelle with Warren. All so happy."


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