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Andy Warhol's TV (Madison Square Network, 1983)
Television Series

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Andy Warhol was the Executive Producer of three separately named television series: Fashion (1979-80); Andy Warhol's T.V. (1980-83); and Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes (1985-1987). The first series of Andy Warhol's TV was on Manhattan Cable TV. The second series was on the Madison Square Network.

For the first series of Andy Warhol's T.V., Warhol purchased 18 half-hour slots on Manhattan Cable TV. In 1983, a former road manager for The Rolling Stones, Peter Rudge, commissioned Warhol to make additional episodes for the Madison Square Network. In 1981 Warhol also did three segments lasting about 1-2 minutes on the NBC television show, Saturday Night Live, which were called Andy Warhol's TV on Saturday Night Live. One segment was footage of him talking about death while being made up which was also used at the end of Kim Evans' documentary on Warhol.

Andy Warhol's TV (Madison Square Network)

1" videotape, colour, sound
9 thirty minute episodes

Produced for Madison Square Garden Network. Conceived by Andy Warhol. Directed by Don Munroe. Produced by Vincent Fremont. Executive Producer: Andy Warhol. Production Manager: Sue Etkin. Production Assistants: Jay Shriver, Augusto Bugarin, Mark Stern. Theme Music: Walter Steding. Announcers: Debbie Harry, Leza van Beuren.

Episode 1 (1983)

Andy Warhol, Clio Goldsmith, Annette O'Toole, Robert Hayes, Robert Becker, Marc Balet, Robert Lee Morris, Judy Pfaff, Futura 2000, Donald Baechler, Rodney Ripps, Andrea Martin, Ali MacGraw, Cheryl Tiegs, Peter Beard, George Martin

Episode 2 (1983)

Andy Warhol, Maura Moynihan, Carol Alt, Ron Greschner, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Valentine Lawford, Horst, Duran Duran (Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes)

Episode 3 (1983)

Roselee Goldberg, Cindy Sherman, Melissa Fenley, Issey Miyake, Daniela Morera, Andy Warhol, John Oates, Darryl Hall

Episode 4 (1983)

Donna Karan, Louis Dell'Olio, Andy Warhol, Douglas Leigh, Robert Leverte, Harvey Fierstein, Sting, Bianca Jagger, Esme, Katherine Hammond, Nancy Hunter

Episode 5 (1983)

Andy Warhol, Cindy Gibb, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Tony Shafrazi, Jim Catch, Leza Van Beuren, Brooke Shields, Maura Moynihan, Yves Piaget, Glades High School Marching Band, Hebe Dorsey, Piaget Ball

Episode 6 (1983)

Steve Adell, Sparks (Russell and Ron Mael), Andy Warhol, Maura Moynihan, Andy Summers, John Sex, Frank Zappa, Richard Berlin, Carlene Carter, Lara Teeter, Keith Parmas, Pee Wee Herman

Episode 7 (1983)

Margaret Klenk, Jeff Fahey, Bob Mackie, Jerry Hall, June Anderson, Fernando Sanchez, Ken Norton, Francesco Scavullo, Dragan Popov, Andy Warhol, Cornelia Guest, George Fitzgerald, Erick Viers, Glen Yeo

Episode 8 (1983)

With Dianne Brill, Steve Richman, Fabrice, Toukie Smith, Suzie Gilder, Johnna Johnson, Christ Royer, Jerry Hall, Jean Pagliuso, Katy K., Bill Copley, Phyllis Kind, Joe Dakota, Michael Smith, William Wegman

Episode 9 (1983)

Tery Ferman, Rob Lowe, James Brown, Alexandra Condon, LA II, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Darius Azari, Shaun Hausman, Eric Goode, Christopher Goode, Joanna Fields, Lester Persky, C. David Heyman

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Source: Greg Pierce, "On TV 1979-1987," in Eva Meyer-Hermann (ed.), Andy Warhol: A Guide to 706 Items in 2 Hours 56 Minutes (Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2007)

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