Imitation of Christ

There is some confusion as to when Imitation of Christ was made.

According Popism, Andy Warhol filmed Taylor Mead the day after Mead returned from Paris.

Mead had flown back to New York after seeing Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls in Paris and after conversations with Warhol and Mickey Ruskin. (see May 1967 in chronology). This would have been in (approximately) May, assuming that the conversations with Warhol and Ruskin occurred either after or around the same time as Warhol's trip to France when The Chelsea Girls was supposed to be be screened at Cannes (but never was).

However, according to the book Billy Name Stills From The Warhol Factory, Imitation of Christ was filmed in January.

The footage from Imitation of Christ was also incorporated into **** (Four Stars) or The Twenty Five Hour Movie (aka The Twenty Four Hour Movie). The eight hour version was shown once in November 1967 and also included in the December showing of ****.

In late 1969, Imitation of Christ was edited into a 105 minute version. (FAW31/BN104)

The cast includes: Nico, Brigid Berlin (Polk), Ondine, Tom Baker, Patrick Tilden Close and Taylor Mead.

16mm/color/sound/24fps/8hrs (BN22)