Billy Name

Billy Name

Screen Test (1964)

Billy Name died in his sleep in the early morning of July 18, 2016 at the age of 76. He was interviewed by Sean O'Hagan in the September 27, 2015 issue of The Guardian here.

Billy's work is exhibited internationally and his latest book of his black and white photographs of Andy Warhol's Factory was published in November 2014. In 2009 he appeared in Alison Jackson's documentary on Andy Warhol that was broadcast as part of the Southbank Show.

Billy Name is born

Billy Name meets Andy Warhol

Billy Name does lights for The Living Theater

Billy Name does lights for the Judson Dance Theater

"Billy Linich Show" at the Yam Festival

Billy Name does lights for Judson Dance Theater productions including Freddy Herko and Lucinda Childs and a dance titled Binhamton Birdie

Fred Herko performs with the Judson Dance Theater with Billy Name doing the lights and programming- Billy Name does lighting for Jame's Warings Dance Company

"Fantastic Gardens" at the Judson Church

The original silver Factory

Haircut no. 1



Billy retreats

Billy Name leaves the Factory

Paul America rips off Billy

to superstars