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Current Andy Warhol news

About Warholstars

A introduction to Warholstars

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's life and death


Site sections, articles, interviews and archive

Warholstars Timeline

A chronology of Andy Warhol and his superstars

Timeline Contents

Links to some of the main events of the timeline

Where Andy Warhol painted his paintings

Some of Andy Warhol's most famous paintings were painted at home.

From Abstract Expressionism to Pop

Chronology of Abstract Expressionism

Andy Warhol's Superstars

Photographs of Andy Warhol's Superstars with links to biographies

William S. Wilson

Obituary of the art writer and friend of Ray Johnson

Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick's death and life

Joe Dallesandro

Biographical links

Holly Woodlawn

How the star of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side' lived and died


Selected Andy Warhol exhibitions


Andy Warhol filmography

The Chelsea Girls

The story of Andy Warhol's most famous film

Lonesome Cowboys

Andy Warhol's cowboy movie

San Diego Surf

Andy Warhol's surf movie

Bike Boy

Andy Warhol's biker movie (sort of)


Andy Warhol's movie of a poet sleeping

Blue Movie

Andy Warhol's blue movie

Ralph Pomeroy

Pre-pop friend of Andy Warhol and poet

Jonas Mekas and the Film-Makers' Cinematheque

History of the Cinematheques, including their locations

Expanded Cinema?

Why the Expanded Cinema Festival wasn't the Expanded Cinema Festival

Jackie Curtis' Glamour, Glory and Gold

The underground on off-off-off Broadway

Jackie Curtis' Vain Victory

Another play by Warhol star, Jackie Curtis


My sources


The publications and films that have used this site as a source

Site sections and archive

The site's sections and archive

Andy Warhol's TV

The Andy Warhol's cable TV shows


Warholstars articles

Andy Warhol in UK and Germany

Andy Warhol's trip to the UK and Germany

Andy Warhol Pre-Pop

Andy Warhol before he went Pop

From Nowhere to Up There

Oral history of Andy Warhol's pre-pop days

Andy Warhol Condensed

Warholstars condensed

Marcel Duchamp

Andy Warhol's connection to Marcel Duchamp

Andy Warhol's Soup Cans

Why Andy Warhol painted his Soup Cans

Arts & Mass Media

Lawrence Alloway did not use the term "Pop Art" in his essay

What Andy Warhol Didn't Do

The so-called Red Self-Portraits

Richard Hamilton Statement

Richard Hamilton responds to my interview with John McHale Jr.

Fortune Theatre

Andy Warhol's "adult" cinema

Piss Paintings

Urinating on a canvas

Vexations & Sleep

Sleep and Eric Satie's Vexations

John Cage

Did Andy Warhol's repetitions have anything to with John Cage's repetitions?

Gene Swenson

Gene Swenson, Andy Warhol and the Personality of the Artist

Jerome Hill & Charles Rydell

Charles Rydell was supposed to be the star of 'Blow Job.' Millionaire Jerome Hill was his boyfriend.

Andy Warhol's Pork

Andy Warhol's underground play

Eric Emerson: Wonderboy

The life and death of an ex-superstar according to the mother of one of his children


'Andy Warhol's Trash' directed by Paul Morrissey

Women in Revolt

Women's liberation Warhol style directed by Paul Morrissey

Geri Miller

Stripper in Trash

Jack Smith

Underground filmmaker who inspired Andy Warhol

The Beard

Andy Warhol, Michael McClure and The Beard

Caffe Cino

The tragic history of the gay hangout that gave rise to the underground

The Connection

Andy Warhol, The Connection and The Brig

New York Poets Theatre

The Judson Church scene

Andre Breton

Biography of the surrealist



Walter Hopps

The art dealer


First use of the term "pop art" was in England

Trash in England

Andy Warhol's Trash (dir. Paul Morrissey) in England

NY Correspondance School

Ray Johnson

May Wilson

Neo-dada artist

Broken Goddess

Holly Woodlawn by Dallas

Holly Woodlawn in Atlanta

Interview in Atlanta

Julian Burroughs interview

Interview with draft-dodger posing as William Burroughs' son

Mark Sink interview

Interview with photographer Mark Sink

Abigail Rosen interview

Interview with Tub Girls star

Melba La Rose Jr.

Interview with star of Glamour, Glory and Gold

Andy Warhol's Last Interview

The last interview that Andy Warhol gave before he died

Paul Warhola statement

Andy Warhol's brother denies the authenticity of Rudy Vallee painting

Wanda Corn statement

Scholar Wanda Corn denies authenticity of Gertrude Stein sketches

Patrick Smith statement

Patrick Smith denies authenticity of Rudy Vallee painting

Pietro Psaier

Gangsters and fraud

Pietro Psaier's Therapist

The alleged "death" of a pop art psychiatrist

Pietro Psaier Claims

Did he exist?

News Archive