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Stephen Tropiano:

"The film stars Taylor Mead as Tarzan, who is clad in a homemade loin cloth which becomes ripped and worn by the end of the film to the point that it's only covering half his bum. The film is shot with a mostly handheld camera. Some footage is in color but most is in black and white - much of it is either or under exposed. We see Tarzan romping on the beach and in the bathtub with a naked Naomi Levine. The sound track consists of an assortment of rock/dance music (Locomotion, Watusi) as well as instrumental versions of The Sound of Music and More. Mead seems to be spinning records between making an occasional comment about what we are seeing. The funniest bit features Andy Warhol himself. When we see him, Mead says 'The great director Andy Warhol.' Tarzan stands with a piece of paper in his hand and says 'Tarzan refuses to follow the story.' Warhol then whips him with a palm leaf. There is also an appearance by a young Dennis Hopper, who is also dressed in a loin cloth. Mead comically compares his muscles with him. The film is quite funny in parts, though it goes on for too long (prompting Mead to quip, 'This should be the end--right here F-I-N'), but it keeps going for 10 more minutes." (STR)

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Andy Warhol

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