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In the book, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again), published in 1975, Andy Warhol refered to the "great unfulfilled ambition" of his life - his own regular televisiion show. In the book, he tells 'B' (Brigid Berlin) that he is going to call his show Nothing Special. (AB)

In the seventies Vincent Fremont and Bob Colacello had written a treatment of the show for John Kluge, chairman of Metromedia (and later, in the eighties, deemed the second-richest man in America by Forbes magazine). Warhol and Colacello had met him at one of the dinners they attended at the Iranian Embassy. But he "hurriedly" rejected the TV show idea. (BC286)

Vincent Fremont:

"[Nothing Special] was another idea that Andy had for the name of another TV series. There wasn't really a complete idea of what this TV series would be about, but we did various tests including monologues by different people, the best done by Brigid Berlin. Her monologue about money is one of the highlights. We also practiced with Brigid doing newscasts. I taped Paloma Picasso and Nicky Weymouth for a talk-show format, Angelica Huston and Joan-Juliet Buck as well." (UW74)

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Andy Warhol

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