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According to Warhol biographer Victor Bockris, Andy Warhol filmed his mother, Julia, in November 1966, in her basement apartment. She played "an aging peroxide movie star with a lot of husbands." About this film, Andy said: "We're trying to bring back old people." (LD263)

Susan Pile, who worked at the Factory at the time, recalled a film that Warhol made called The George Hamilton Story which featured Mrs. Warhola:

Susan Pile [November 1966]:

"...I was at Andy’s house this week (a truly rare privilege, but Paul Morrissey nabbed me at the Factory to go up and make phone calls for him). He filmed the George Hamilton story with his mother as star - her screen debut. I held the microphone, went totally berserk with it with the result that there are many phallic protusions in the finished film. See Esquire this month for an interview with Mrs. Warhola, who speaks to Andy in Czechoslovakian and can only rattle off to others a garbled English. She’s a very sweet old lady..." [S]

Julia Warhola died in November 1972. Warhol did not attend the funeral and continued to give the impression that she was still alive to people who would ask about her.

David Bourdon:

"Andy did not mention his mother's death to any of his close friends. Fred Hughes accidentally found out she had died when he happened to answer a phone call from Andy's brother, John. Jed Johnson did not learn of her death until the summer of 1975, when he saw James Warhola, Paul's son, and asked, 'How's your grandmother doing?' As late as 1976, when friends asked about his mother, Andy said, 'Oh, she's great. But she doesn't get out of bed much." (DB322)


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