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Fight starred Charles Rydell and Brigid Berlin. According to Vincent Fremont, the idea for the footage came from Warhol's idea of developing a TV show about "a couple continuously fighting'. (UW73)

Bob Collacello recalled that originally the footage was filmed for Phoney - Warhol had suggested dong a television show on the phone saying "It can be people calling each other up and fighting." (BC141)

The Fight tape and some of the footage taped for Phoney were shown in 1991 at the Whitney in Andy Warhol's Video & Television Retrospective. (UW73)

The 1975 date for Fight is the 'official' date attributed to the video. If, as Colacello suggests, Fight was initially filmed as part of Phoney the actual filming probably took place earlier - as the "official" date attributed to Phoney is 1973.

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