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The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys

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The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys was a compilation of some of Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (in various configurations) which were filmed 1964-1966. The Screen Tests shot or selected for The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys were those of: Gerard Malanga, Kelly Edey, someone identified as "Boy," Bruce Rudow, Denis Deegan, Sophronus Mundy, John Giorno, Freddy Herko, DeVerne Bookwalter (star of Blow Job), Tony Towle, Rufus Collins, Billy Linich (Billy Name), Kenneth King, Walter Dainwood, Peter Hujar, Paul Thek, Gregory Battcock, John Palmer, Dennis Hopper, Taylor Mead, Robert Pincus-Witten, David Hallacy, Howard Kraushar, Richard Markowitz, Steve Stone, Helmut, Lawrence Casey, Steve Balkin, Walter Burn, Joe LeSueur, someone identified as "Star of the Bed," Larry Latreille, Francois de Menil, James Claire and Roderick Clayton. (AD246-9)

From Andy Warhol Screen Tests: The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume One by Callie Angell:

"The very first Screen Tests were shot for the film series The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys, a work that was inspired by a a 1962 New York City Police Department pamphlet entitled The Thirteen Most Wanted. The pamphlet was also the source of the photographic images that Warhol used in his controversial 1964 mural, Thirteen Most Watned Men, which was briefly installed on the esterior wall of Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion at the New York World's Fair in April... Interestingly, the first Screen Tests made for The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys seem to have been shot before Warhol started work on the Thirteen Most Wanted Men mural. The earliest documented mention of these films is found in Kelly Edey's diary entry for January 17, 1964, in which he noted: 'This afternoon Andy Warhol made a movie here, a series of portraits of a number of beautiful boys, including Harold Talbot and Denis Deegan and also me.' Warhol, who was facing an April 15 deadline for completion of his [Most Wanted Men] mural, seems not to have begun work on the Thirteen Most Wanted Men until February, which suggests that the began the film series while his commissioned mural was still in the planning stages... The last Screen Tests marked for The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys are those of James Claire and Roderick Clayton, which were shot on 1965 stock probably in 1966, when both Claire and Clayton appeared in Warhol's film Hedy....

Interestingly, there seems to have been few if any public screenings of The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys outside of the private venue of Warhol's Factory. Unlike The Thirteen Most Beautiful Women, the Most Beautiful Boys was never offered for rental through the Film-Makers' Cooperative catalogue, and no distribution records of it being shown have been found. The only references to a public showing of The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys mention a screening at the New Yorker Theater on December 7, 1964, when Film Culture magazine presented its Sixth Independent Film Award to Warhol. Various Warhol films were announced in the flyer, including 'excerpts from The Thirteen Most Beautiful Women;' although unannounced, Freddie Herko's Screen Test from The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys was also shown, according to descriptions by both James Stoller and David Bourdon." (AD244-245)

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Andy Warhol

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