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A Warholstars site user describes Elvis at Ferus (1963, silent, 3.7 minutes, b/w):

"Warhol shoots his Elvis paintings at the show which took place in Los Angeles in 1963. The first half is outside the gallery. There are shots of the Elvis paintings that are hanging in the window. We also see two men standing outside (the gallery owners). We cut to inside the gallery. Warhol uses swish pans to move across the paintings on the wall." (STR)

The film was described as "Warhol's first movie" on the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles) website during the Warhol retrospective (May 25 - August 18, 2002). However, Warhol travelled to Los Angeles in October 1963 for his exhibition at the Ferus Gallery - by which time he had already shot several films, including 'Sleep'. 'Sleep' was shot in July 1963 and was referred to by Warhol as "the first movie I made when I got my 16-mm Bolex," in the book, Popism. (POP33)

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