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Andy Warhol Chronology


Bob Colacello:

"The party was everything Andy liked a party to be: a big bash in a big house with big names... Lady 'Binty' Lambton, Ann's mother, greeted us in a ruffled blouse and flowered skirt covering a figure as robust as Jayne Mansfield's, with a teased-up pile of hair to rival Elizabeth Taylor's or Holly Woodlawn's. Andy shyly handed her a Philosophy book, which she immediately tossed behind a set of old encyclopedias on the bookshelf, saying 'I throw all my most valuable possessions back there...'

The party literally went on until dawn, and Andy spent a long stretch of it sitting on a sofa in the corner with the octogenarian Lady Diana Cooper, often called 'the Diana Vreeland of London,' and the teenage Charlie Tennant, sporting the rich punk look - orange suspenders and one earring. At five in the morning, the belle of the ball, Caroline Kennedy, who was taking summer art course in London, was still waltzing with Mark Shand.

'They look so beautiful together' said Andy, of the late president's seventeen-year-old daughter and the twenty-seven-year-old heir to one of England's largest construction fortunes. 'But if this gets in the papers,' Andy continued 'I just know that Jackie's going to blame it all on me.'

A photograph of Caroline and Mark leaving the Lambtons' made page one of the London tabloids, and Jackie [Kennedy - Onassis] called Andy the day we got back to New York, wanting to know what was going on. 'She said I never should have invited Caroline to a party like that.' Andy told me, 'but I said I didn't invite anybody, Ann did.'" (BC318/9)

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