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Andy Warhol and 'The Castle'

Although Danny Fields was not with Andy Warhol's entourage when they stayed at the Castle in May, he later drove there with Edie Sedgwick during the the summer of 1967:

Danny Fields:

"The Castle is very high in the Hollywood hills. The land was completely neglected. A swimming pool down the hill was fullof algae and moss. it hadn't seen the touch of a gardener in years. Bela Lugosi's house is right across the street, which looks like a Mayan pyramid and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Castle has a two-story-high living room, a fake-gold leaf vaulted ceiling, big windows, a grand piano, a spiral staircase, and off it are several weird, irregularly shaped bedrooms. There is a tower room. It all looks like it was made of papier-mache. In the living room you could hear a roll of toilet paper being unrolled up on the third floor. it was a famous haunt for rock 'n' roll people when they first went to Hollylwood. They could rent the whole place. The Jefferson Airplane stayed there. So did the Velvet Underground." (EDIE348)

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