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Andy Warhol Chronology

Andy Warhol on Jon Gould


Andy Warhol [Thursday, April 16, 1981]:

"Got up early and it looked beautiful out, but I'm in this period where I think, What is it all about? You do this and what does it mean, and you do that and what does it mean? Really I'm in a strange period. I put off telling the Diary about my emotional problems because last Christmas when I was having all the fights with Jed [Johnson] and he moved out, I couldn't face talking about it, and now I'm living alone and in a way I'm relieved, but then I don't want to be by myself in this big house with just Nena and Aurora [Warhol's maids] and Archie and Amos [Warhol's dogs]. I've got these desperate feelings that nothing means anything. And then I decide that I should try to fall in love, and that's what I'm doing now with Jon Gould, but then it's just tooo hard. I mean, you think about a person constantly and it's just a fantasy, it's not real, and then it gets so involved, you have to see them all the time and then it winds up that it's just a job like everything else, so I don't know. But Jon is a good person to be in love with because he has his own career, and I can develop movie ideas with him, you know? And maybe he can even convince Paramount to advertise in Interview, too. Right? So my crush on him will be good for business." [AWD372-3]

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Andy Warhol [Saturday, February 4, 1984]:

"Did a personal errand with Jon, but he made me promise not to put anything personal about him in the Diary." [Pat Hackett, Warhol's secretary and the editor of the Andy Warhol Diaries, added this note: "Jon Gould was admitted to New York hospital with pneumonia on February 4, 1984, and released on February 22. He was readmitted the next day, however, and released again on March 7. On that day Andy instructed his housekeepers Nena and Aurora: "From now on, wash Jon's dishes and clothes separate from mine."] (AWD552)

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Andy Warhol: [Tuesday, December 24, 1985]:

"... And then we went down to Kenny Scharf's loft on Great Jones. In the bedroom Kenny had these original Flintstones and Jetson cartoon drawings, and he said, "Jon Gould got these for me." He actually said that to me. That was so odd to hear. He said Jon got them at an auction. I mean, you know somebody, they're living in your house, and then suddenly they don't know you anymore but they still see all your friends. I didn't know the people there, they were a bunch of wierdos." (AWD70)

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Pat Hackett:

"Jon Gould died on September 18, 1986 at age thirty-three after "an extended illness." He was down to seventy pounds and he was blind. He denied even to close friends that he had AIDS." (AWD760)

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