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Gerard Malanga, Author
a partial list of writings by Gerard Malanga

3 Poems for Benedetta Barzini (1967)
Prelude to Internatonal Velvet Debutante (1967)
The Last Benedetta Poems (1969)
Gerard Malanga Selbsportrait eines Dichters (1970)
10 Poems for 10 Poets (1970)
chic death (1971)
Wheels Of Light (1972)
The Poetry Of Night, Dawn And Dream/Nine Poems For Cesar Vallejo (1972)
Licht/Light (1973, bilingual)
Incarnations: Poems 1965-1971 (1974)
Rosebud (1975)
Leaping Over Gravestones (1976)
Ten Years After: The Selected Benedetta Poems (1977)
100 years have passed (1978)
This Will Kill That (1978)
Three Diamonds (1991)
Mythologies Of The Heart (1996)
No Respect: New & Selected Poems 1964 - 2000 (2001)

Screen Tests/A Diary, in collaboriation with Andy Warhol (1967)
Six Portraits (1975)
Good Girls (1994)
Seizing The Moment (1997)
Resistance to Memory (1998)
Screen Tests Portraits Nudes 1964 - 1996 (2000)

Transatlantic Review #52 - An Anthology of New American Poetry (1975)
Little Caesar #9/"Unprecented Information" (1979)
Angus MacLise Checklist 1959 - 1979 (1981)
UP-TIGHT: The Velvet Underground Story (with Victor Bockris, 1983)
Scopopilia: The Love of Looking (1985)
A Purchase In The White Botanica: The Collected Poetry of Piero Heliczer (with Anselm Hollo, 2001)

48 Cameras & Gerard Malanga, 'Three Weeks With My Dog', Besides 006 (1999)
Gerard Malanga, 'Up From The Archives', sub rosa SR170 (1999)

Archiving Warhol/2002/Creation Books


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