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Trash in London (cont.)
(page three)

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Then a few of the local authorities began to get rough: was the Censor too permissive, or not permissive enough?

After six weeks, the Trade paper Cinema TV Today, reflecting the views of a prominent member of the film industry, ran the headline: "Murphy must go." At this point, a meeting was convened to defend Stephen Murphy's position:

London Times
London Times

And others agreed... Peter Waymark summed up the Censor's predicament in:

Waymark letter
waymark letter

But Trash was still held up. In July, Paul Morrissey, the director, flew in for consultations with the censor, and accepted 3 1/2 minutes of cuts in his film.

At last, on November 17th, 1972, Trash was passed.

Trash x rating

We booked Trash into the London Pavilion to open on February 8th 1973.

Then Warhol hit the headlines once again over ATV's documentary [directed by David Bailey]...

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Andy Warhol

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