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Useless magazine launched its third issue at a party in London's east end at the Bistrotheque restaurant/cabaret on July 27, 2006. Useless is edited by new-boy-in-town Conrad Ventur who recently moved to London from New York. His magazine is very Warhol-friendly, described as "a tabloid-sized, newspaper-print journal in the footsteps of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, Index, Anton Perich's Night, with a dash of Frieze. " The last issue of Useless featured an interview with Billy Name and the next issue will include an interview with Ivy Nicholson's daughter, Penelope Palmer.

In London, Useless can be found at Kokon to Zai, Nog Gallery, Tatty Divine, The Pineal Eye. OFR, Artwords in Shoreditch and the Whitechapel Gallery.

In New York, you can get a copy at Eva (Mulberry Street), Nom de Guerre, Astor Place Bookstore, Spoonbill (Williamsburg), New Museum, Other Music and Printed Matter.

The Useless website is at

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