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Andy Warhol

JUNE 2005 (1)

Andy Warhol

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Paris HiltonMedia blogger, Gregg Guetschow, has worked out a formula for calculating the amount of 15 minute celebrities that can be created each year. He calls his formula the PH (Paris Hilton) Factor:

Gregg Guetschow: "The time available for members of the population to know a celebrity are the years in the average human lifespan after the age of 15. In addition, the time available is limited to 18 hours of each day of the year. During each 15-minute fame segment, humans are capable of knowing 3 celebrities. This assumption is based on recent research into the cognitive limits of human attention and memory that suggests humans cannot process more than 4 variables at one time. One variable is reserved in calculating the pH factor to allow for other human activities such as work, recreation, etc. There are 26,280 15-minute fame segments per year. Based on processing 3 variables at once, each person can know 78,840 celebrities per year. The current global median life expectancy at birth is 65 years. In the 50 years after age 15, a person can know 3,942,000 15-minute celebrities. Dividing 5% of the current world population of 6.5 billion by this number yields a pH factor of 82.4. It is not until the pH factor reaches 1 that world-wide fame is possible. Clearly, Andy Warhol's future has not yet arrived."

Gregg Guetschow's fifteen minutes of fame blog is at:

And speaking of Paris Hilton, a site-user has suggested that she play the part of Edie Sedgwick in the forthcoming film Factory Girl - given that both Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes have rejected the role. Hilton's mother, Kathy, will be hosting a new reality show on NBC called I Want to Be a Hilton starting on June 21, 2005 in which she will coach 14 Hilton wannabees in "taste" and etiquette.

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Ben Brown Fine Arts Ltd. in London is hosting an exhibition of Keith Haring sculptures and paintings concurrent with Somerset House which is displaying five of his sculptures on the River Terrace.

Amazingly, the highest price paid for a Haring work at auction was $300,000 - until recently. Morgan Falconer writes in the current (June 2005) issue of Art Review, "... last year something strange happened to the market for Keith Haring: the total value of his sales at auction more than quadrupled, and at Sotheby's in New York last May, his record price nearly doubled."

The Ben Brown website is at: Somerset House can be found at: Art Review's website is:

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Peter BerlinJim Tushinki's documentary on 70s porn idol, Peter Berlin, will be shown at the Provincetown International Film Festival on June 16 and June 18, 2005 (at the Schoolhouse) and in September 2005 at the Fire Island Film and Video Festival.

Berlin, who is now in his sixties, is still dressing in the provocative manner he became associated with during the 1970s. When asked about the way he dressed in a fascinating interview recently, he responded, "I went out and the way I was dressed up is basically illegal. I’m such a target for the police. Even now. Basically, I dress as you would expect Peter Berlin to. Ideally I would like to just wear completely sheer panty hose... But what I wear over it – to make it legal – are these tight white shorts. The police stop me sometimes and say, ‘Hey, you! You’re walking around in your underwear!’ So I’m always running away from the police. There are these challenges, because what I advocate is threatening. But other people say, ‘Oh, you did this and that, and you’re not a pornographer you’re an artist,’ and all these compliments. And really the only compliment that I want is to walk on the street and see at least one other Peter Berlin, but I’ve never seen one."

During the interview (which begins with the 60+ year old Berlin recovering from a drug-fueled night of excess), he also talks about meeting Andy Warhol:

Peter Berlin: "I remember when I went to Andy Warhol’s Factory. I was sitting there and Andy said, ‘Oh Peter, it’s so nice of you to come. You are so great and you should do more films! I have people here, why don’t you come here and do something with us?’ And I said, ‘Oh thanks, that’s great!’ But do you think I ever called back and arranged something? No! You see, Andy was as shy as I am."

The interview with Peter Berlin can be found at: The website for the documentary is at:

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The 51st Venice Biennale will take place June 12 - November 6, 2005, with the Vernissage from June 9 - 11, 2005. A free, downloadable map of the exhibits can be found at:

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Left: Billy Name (L), Patrick Nagle and Taylor Mead (Photo: Ceslie Armstrong)
Right: Catherine O'Sullivan Shorr (L) and Geraldine Smith (Photo: John Santanello)

Patrick Nagle, the producer of the forthcoming French documentary on the Warhol era, Factory People, took time off of his busy production schedule in New York to attend the opening of Anton Perich's exhibit, Night, at BLVD in downtown Manhattan (see May 2005). He is shown in the photo left cavorting with Billy Name and Taylor Mead at the opening night party. The latest interview for the film was conducted at the Shoreham Hotel in New York ( where Geraldine Smith, of Flesh fame, was interviewed by Catherine O'Sullivan Shorr.

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The Provincetown International Film Festival will be honoring film director Mary Harron on June 18, 2005 when they give her their Filmmaker on the Edge award. Harron directed I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) and American Psycho (2000). The Canadian born and Oxford educated Harron will soon be releasing her next film, The Notorious Bettie Page (see May 2004). Her next project, a film about the punk era based on the book Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, is currently in pre-production. Harron was one of the original contributors to Punk magazine in the 1970s.

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The Tate Liverpool is currently hosting a Summer of Love exhibit exploring "the unprecedented exchanges between contemporary art, popular culture, civil unrest and moral upheaval during the 1960s and early 70s." The exhibit is featured in the current issue (Summer 2005) of the Tate's excellent magazine, Tate Etc., with an article by Glenn O'Brien featuring comments by Mary Woronov on dancing at the Dom, Billy Name on the Exploding Plastic Inevitable and Ronald Nameth on John Cage's HPSCHD. The Museum will be showing The Chelsea Girls and Ron Nameth's film, Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable on a continuous loop during the exhibit.

The website for the museum is: www.

The Tate Etc. article can be found at:

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Actress Katie Holmes has pulled out of the Factory Girl film project based on the life of Edie Sedgwick. According to news reports, Holmes' boyfriend, actor and scientologist Tom Cruise, encouraged her to reject the role because he thought the portrayal of the drug addicted Sedgwick might be bad for Holmes' image. According to a source quoted in the New York Post, "Tom doesn't believe in those drugs because of his belief in Scientology." Previously, Sienna Miller was offered the role but had to reject it because of other commitments in London.

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One of Andy Warhol's 13 portraits of Elizabeth Taylor was sold by Sotheby's for a total of $12.6 million in last month's contemporary art auctions on behalf of Irving Blum who owned the painting for the past forty years. The buyer of the painting, which featured Liz against a deep red background, was London jeweler, Lawrence Graff, who successfully outbid five other people. The total price paid included the fee that Sotheby's charges the buyer. The actual winning bid was $11.2 million.

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Everything is Art, a film by Independent filmmaker, Zev Robinson, of artafterscience, is being screened at the Hi Mom! Film Festival in North Carolina on Saturday, June 4, 2005 and at the 291 Gallery in London, England on June 9, 2005.

Artafterscience was formed in 2001 by Robinson and Adrian Marshall to create work based on the interaction of art, technology and science. They have recently received an Arts Council Grant to develop interactive work in conjunction with Smartslab.

The website for artafterscience, including film clips, is at

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