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I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews by Kenneth Goldsmith has now been released in Poland following on its German release.

The book is notable not only for the interviews included (with a full index), but also because Goldsmith explains the circumstances of each interview. For instance, in regard to the often quoted interview of Warhol by G.R. Swenson, Goldsmith comments "This widely quoted interview gives the first in-depth public glimpse of Andy Warhol... However the interview's legacy has proven troublesome. According to Warhol biographer David Bourdon, 'Swenson and Warhol were good friends, but the artist was in one of his uncooperative moods, prompting the critic to conceal his tape recorder during the interview. Some of the more 'intellectual' sounding quotes attributed to Warhol may have been doctored by Swenson.'"

The Polish version of The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews is available at all the usual outlets - in Poland. The English version is currently available through Amazon with a discount of more than 30% here.

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