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Two new books on Andy Warhol's superstar, Edie Sedgwick, will be published in the Autumn prior to the release of the Edie Sedgwick biopic, Factory Girl.

Edie: Factory Girl is by photographer Nat Finkelstein and David Dalton. Finkelstein's haunting photographs of Edie are well-known - some were included in his previous book, Andy Warhol: The Factory Years, 1964-1967. The new book will include previously unpublished photos of the Warhol star with text by Dalton who previously wrote the text for the David McCabe photo book, A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol. Dalton's sister, Sarah, edited Warhol's film Sleep. Edie: Factory Girl will be published in October 2006, with the film due to be released in December.

Edie: Girl on Fire is by David Weisman and Melissa Painter. Weisman co-directed Edie's final (non-Warhol) film Ciao! Manhattan. His new book on Edie is due to be published in November 2006.

The Amazon page for Edie: Factory Girl with the usual pre-order discount is here.

The Amazon page for Edie: Girl on Fire is here.

An early review of a rough cut of the film, Factory Girl, and a response from the director appears here.

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