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DECEMBER 2004 (3)

Andy Warhol
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Holly Woodlawn, Andy Warhol starHolly Woodlawn will be returning to the Fez Under Time Cafe in New York for special holiday performances on December 11th and 12th, 2004. She previously played there in August 2004 accompanied by her trademark bottle of Thunderbird (a prop). Holly currently lives in Los Angeles and is working on turning her autobiography, A Low Life in High Heels, into a film.

Holly Woodlawn in A Low Life in High Heels: "It seemed that everyone was content to forget me... at least until the release of Trash on October 5, 1970... The film catapulted me into the media's eye, and I became a favorite among the critics. The fact that I was in prison heightened the sensational angle, which Daily Variety took full advantage of by blasting: 'Trash Star Found in Trash Can' for all my neighbors to see. The attention certainly thrilled Andy, prompting him to see me in a different light. Sure, I was still a poverty-stricken low-life, but now I was a famous low-life... Yet even after the publicity, the praise, and the glory, the Factory still chose to leave me imprisoned. When a reporter called to inquire about my arraignment, a Factory spokesperson replied, "Holly only worked for us eight days. We're sorry she's in jail, but we're not responsible..." Then one brisk October morning while dining on hard toast, a hardly boiled egg, and that hideous coffee, I heard those blessed words escape the guard's mouth: 'Holly Woodlawn, pack your panties. You're out on bail.'" (HW17)

The website for the Fez cafe is at: Holly's website is at: A selection of photos of Holly and other Warhol stars by Laura Rubin can be found at:

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Ivy Nicholson, Andy Warhol starAndy WarholPenelope Palmer

Ivy Nicholson (left) and daughter Penelope Palmer (right)
New York: December 2004
(photos: Kevin Kushel)

Warhol star and former model, painter and singer, Ivy Nicholson, has finished making her new film in New York. A screening is planned for later this month. Full details of the screening will be posted here when confirmed. Recent photographs of Ivy show her looking as glamorous now as she did in the sixties and bearing a remarkable resemblance to her daughter - the actress Penelope Palmer. Ivy is seated in front of Billy Name photographs that were exhibited at the titanium-clad Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. For more about Ivy's film see archive.

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Andy Warhol on the Guardian

Marcel Duchamp's toilet (aka Fountain) appeared on the front pages of both The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph here in London on Thursday December 2, 2004. According to the Telegraph, the "500 most powerful people in the British art world," including artists, dealers, critics and curators, were asked to vote on the single most influential work of art in the twentieth century. Artists who took part included David Hockney, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Duchamp's Fountain came in first with 64% of the vote, Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) was second with 42% of the vote and Warhol's Marilyn Diptych (1962) won third place with 29% of the vote - beating Picasso's Guernica which was in fourth place, polling 19%. Duchamp's readymades are generally credited in art history as a seminal influence on Pop Art. (For more on Pop Art see articles).

The rest of the top ten were: 5. The Red Studio by Henri Matisse; 6. I Like America and America Likes Me by Joseph Beuys; 7. Endless Column by Constantin Brancusi; 8. One: No. 31 by Jackson Pollock; 9. 100 untitled works in mill aluminum by Donald Judd and 10. Reclining Figure 1929 by Henry Moore.

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Andy Warhol's InterviewAndy Warhol's Interview: 35 Years Of Pop will be in the shops by December 15, 2004. It's a huge set of seven volumes covering the first decade of the magazine's history.

Included will be a facsimile edition of the very first issue of Interview magazine originally published in 1969 as well as an audio CD of interviews. Separate volumes will deal with fashion icons, film directors, and interviews conducted by Warhol, with a wide assortment of photos from the magazine's first decade. Essays by Sandra Brant, David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Koons and Bruce Weber will also included.

The slipcased set of books is being published by Steidl. Although it will retail for $475.00, Amazon is currently offering a discount of almost 40% here.

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Andy Warhol greetings bookThe Christmas windows of Tiffany & Co. in New York have a Warhol theme this year to coincide with John Loring's book, Greetings from Andy: Christmas at Tiffanys. The book covers Warhol's work as a an illustrator of Christmas cards for Tiffany's during his commercial illustration days prior to becoming a Pop artist. The author of the book, John Loring, has been the Design Director for Tiffany's for twenty-five years and is the author of several other books on Tiffany's including Tiffany's 20th Century. Loring's preface to the book is an anecdotal account of Warhol's working relationship with Tiffany's while the main body of the book contains reproductions of Warhol's original drawings with quotes by the artist.

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Andy Warhol
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Andy Warhol

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