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DECEMBER 2004 (1)

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Edie SedgwickPhotographer Nat Finkelstein is looking for Edie Sedgwick look-a-likes and wannabees for a new book on Edie. Finkelstein is also working on the new film about Sedgwick that is currently in pre-production (see archive). His previous book Andy Warhol: The Factory Years 1964-1967 included a selection of his photos of Edie, including lost colour prints that were reproduced for the first time.

Nat Finkelstein [from The Factory Years]: "I arrived and there was his family and there was this girl named Edie Sedgwick, a member of the family. And she was pretty, and she was fun, and she was sick... I remember one night I spent with her at Henry Geldzahler's place. This was immediately before she went out and had her battle with Andy. As a matter of fact it was the same night. I spent the whole night with Edie... She taught me a lot of things: she taught me where to buy expensive wine late at night, she pointed out the best soul food place in midtown Manhattan. We talked about clothing and about all her particular personal problems. She complained about money, said she wasn't living too well. Meanwhile we were drinking Chateau Margaux... Like most of the girls at the Factory, there wasn't anything real about Edie. She was simply signs and symbols... Edie was another one of these little rich kids who came down to where it was too rough for her to play... so she lost the game."

Finkelstein can contacted via his website:

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Jackie CurtisA film version of the revivival of Jackie Curtis' play, Glamour, Glory and Gold is currently in pre-production. Laverne Cox, who played the part of Mrs. Freedman in the revival, will play the leading role of Nola Noonan in the film version. Jackie's cousin, Joe Preston, who directed the production at La Mama, will also be directing the film version of the play.

The opening music for the film will be Paul Serrato's jazz version of Who Are You?. Serrato recorded the original version with vocals by Curtis in the 1960's. He has released a CD of songs sung by Curtis, which can be purchased from the Jackie Curtis website at The site also has the latest news on Craig Highberger's documentary on Jackie - Superstar in a Housedress.

An interview with Melba La Rose, who played Nola Noonan in the original production in the 1960s, is at:

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