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Tub Girls (1967)

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Colour/Sound/16mm/90mins/24 fps
Viva, Brigid Berlin (Polk), Abigail Rosen/Alexis de la Falaise/Jim Davis

Viva and Alexis de la Falaise
in Tub Girls
(Photo: Billy Name)

Tub Girls consisted of six reels of Viva in a bathtub with various people. Brigid Berlin (Polk) bathed fully clothed in the film. The footage from Tub Girls was also part of the full length version of **** (or the 25 hour movie). (BN112)

Tub Girls is rarely shown and isn't even listed in many filmographies of Andy Warhol. However, one Warholstars site user once saw it at a screening at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden. She thought it was "quite poignant, at least the scene with the two women [Viva and Abigail Rosen] was." Abigail Rosen was the first door lady at Max's Kansas City.

Viva and Abigail Rosen in Tub Girls
(Photo: Billy Name)

Abigail Rosen: "At first Mickey [Ruskin] hired me as the coat-check girl, but it was on the second floor and we were schlepping coats from downstairs to upstairs, and taking them back down where the people wanted to leave. It was not a good plan, besides which people would go up and steal coats. So we abandoned the whole idea and I became the door lady with Bob Russell. The embarrassing times were when Mickey asked us to kick somebody out. The philosophy behind it was that no one would beat on or abuse a woman.

I was asked one night to kick Stanley Kubrick out. He was drunk and obnoxious and neither Mickey or I knew who he was. I said, 'Sir, I think it's time for you to leave now, you're not going to be happy here.' And he left. Then Mickey found out the next day who we had kicked out, and he yelled at me for not recognizing him. 'That's why I have you here,' he said, 'you're supposed to know who these people are.'" (HR34-5)

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