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The members of the Warhol's entourage that were working on Dracula and Frankenstein in Italy included Paul Morrissey and Pat Hackett, "who was helping Paul with the scripts that Ponti had insisted on," and Andy's boyfriend Jed Johnson who was the editor.

Bob Colacello:

"It was a tough schedule: Ponti had given them eight weeks, and an $800,000 budget, to shoot both movies back to back. It was the first time the Factory crew had worked in 35mm - instead of 16mm - and the first film, Frankenstein, was shot in 3D - you could barely make a move without everything going out of focus.This meant that every shot had to be very carefully choreographed in advance, which severely crimped Paul's improvisational style. When it came time to start Dracula, with time and money running out fast, 3D was abandoned... These were the last two Factory films that Paul Morrissey directed and the last two Factory films Joe Dallesandro starred in." (BC146)

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