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Andy Warhol Chronology


Andy Warhol "was happy but not that happy" for the record breaking price his painting went for, as other artists works went for more - a Jasper Johns went for $250,00 (breaking the record for any contemporary work at an auction), a de Kooning went for $180,000 and a Barnett Newman for $155,000. (BC169)

Bob Colacello:

"The Scull auction was a turning point in art-world history: It was the first time the public at large, not just dealers and collectors, attended and followed an auction of contemporary art, with people fighting to get into Sotheby's the way they would fight to get into Studio 54 a few years later, with several TV crews recording the hoopla... it was the beginning of the art boom that seems to know no end today, and of the hyping of auctions. It really was the triumph of Pop." (ibid)

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