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Bob Colacello visited Candy Darling in hospital soon after she was admitted and again on October 2, 1973:

"She was spitting up phlegm when I arrived. I noticed today how white she was. Ghostly. Candy called for a nurse and as soon as she arrived I left. Candy said, 'Tell Andy to call me. And no more presents. I don't need presents.' It was the first time she didn't put up a good front.The next morning, I called Andy, and told him how badly Candy was doing and that she wanted him to call her.

'Oh I can't Bob. I just can't . What's wrong with Candy, anyway? I mean, do you think she really has cancer or something?... said Andy. And then he found an excuse to get off the phone... It wasn't that he didn't care. He just couldn't cope." (BC189)

When Bob called Candy's mother, he is told by her that there wasn't much hope. Although the doctors had not told Candy what her condition was, they had told her mother that Candy had leukemia and a malignant tumour in her stomach.

Bob told Andy about Candy's condition and he was surprised at Warhol's reaction: "For the first and only time in the seventeen years I knew him, I saw him cry." (BC189)

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