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Candy Darling's cancer had gone into remission and she was let out of hospital in mid November. The birthday party was held at her friend Jeremiah Newton's apartment in Greenwich Village. Candy was an hour and a half late, wearing "a chic black-sequined dress and a matching beret to cover her hairless head". When everyone told her how great she looked, she said, "I know... I finally have that swanlike neck I always wanted."

Bob Colacello:

"Candy went to parties every night that week, as if it were her last. I saw her at Le Jardin, shaky but gorgeous in one of Maxime's outfits. Maxime was holding Candy up with one arm and her husband, who had a broken leg, with the other. Nan Kempner and I went to help, and the five of us formed an impromptu chorus line, kicking our legs for the camera. WWD ran the photo the next day, and Andy was happy - maybe the ban was being lifted. And Candy, exhausted, carried the clipping back to her bed in Masapequa Park." (BC190)

back to NOV. 24, 1973: CANDY DARLING HAS A PARTY

Andy Warhol

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