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Andy Warhol's Heat opens

During the New York opening of Heat, Andy Warhol was in Europe with Fred Hughes doing commissioned portraits of the German industrialist Gunther Sachs and his then wife, Brigitte Bardot, arranged by Bruno Bischofberger. Warhol asked Bob Colacello to organize the premiere in New York. Because of Andrea Feldman's death, Warhol asked Colacello to keep the event low key - to the disappointment of Sylvia Miles.

Village Voice reporter, Arthur Bell covered the event - "Sylvia Miles made her entrance to Alice Tully Hall with director Paul Morrissey and co-star Joe Dallesandro, 'It's the greatest moment of my life,' she said before I asked."

Arthur Bell also covered Candy Darling's party afterwards: "Holly and Zouzou and Women's Wear Daily crowd under a Lichtenstein and After Dark and Alice Cooper and Tally and Bob Colaciello and Scavullo and Warren Beatty and Rex and Lauren Hutton and Jack Nicholson, sip and smoke and small talk. Sylvia holds court on a couch... Tally Brown says her wig is made of cotton candy. Holly Woodlawn says she loves everybody and kisses Jim Jacobs. Eric Emerson says he can get a hard-on at a moment's notice, which makes his Heat work cinema verite... Sylvia Miles stands on the stairwell and says, "Ask me if it was worth it. It was. Every bit of it." And the press agent to my left says "What movie was that from?" (BC134)

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