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Andy Warhol Chronology

Andy Warhol at the ICA

to: OCT. 7 - NOV. 21, 1965: THE ICA EXHIBIT

Walter Hopps:

"That Philadelphia exhibition of Andy's was one of the most bizarre mob scenes I've ever witnessed... It was the first survey of all his work... It was crazy. It was the first time I saw a young avant-garde artist have a show mobbed as if it were a movie premiere... all kinds of people clamoring to get at Andy as if he were a star." (EDIE252)

Sam Green:

"Andy was mobbed. We were pretty scared because we arrived late from drinks and thousands were jammed into the museum. It was a mob scene and they were all out for blood. Somehow, once inside we managed to get to an old iron staircase that led up to the ceiling... an architectual student was trying to break through the fake ceiling above us so we could get out through the library private stacks, over the roof, and down the fire escape and out where the police could protect us... That's how we escaped." (EDIE254)

to: OCT. 7 - NOV. 21, 1965: THE ICA EXHIBIT

Andy Warhol

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