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Jack Smith tribute at the ICA in London

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

The ICA in London is hosting a tribute to filmmaker Jack Smith from September 7 to 18, 2011. Events include a performance by Penny Arcade inspired by her conversations with Smith prior to his death from AIDS in 1989.

Details at:

Details on Penny Arcade's performance at:

(Note: The sold out "Q & A with Jonas Mekas" on September 7 is actually a showing of a pre-recorded interview with Mekas.)

Ultra Violet's 9/11 sculpture at Loft in the Red Zone

Ultra Violet 9/11

Ultra Violet's 9/11 sculpture

Warhol star Ultra Violet will be one of the artists participating in the "Loft in the Red Zone" exhibition at the Historic House of J.P. Morgan in Manhattan which runs from September 9 to September 30, 2001.

Details at:

"Pietro Psaier's therapist" dies

Two photos: Pietro Psaier and Carlos Alvarez

Left: Alleged undated photo of Pietro Psaier/Right: Pietro Psaier's alleged 'therapist' in his coffin (2011)
( (

A person using the nickname "Euridice" has announced on the Pietro Psaier page at that Pietro Psaier's therapist Carlos Langelaan Alvarez died on August 11, 2011 in Madrid, with a link to a photo of Alvarez in his coffin. Around the same time, a message about his death appeared on the website of Psaier researcher Jacqueline Chapman ( The therapist was one of the few people who claimed to have actually met Psaier. In addition to allegedly being Psaier's therapist, Alvarez was also head of the Pietro Psaier Foundation in Madrid. The cause of his death is unknown.

London auctioneer John Nicholson and his researcher Jacqueline Chapman have claimed in the past that Pietro Psaier and Andy Warhol collaborated on joint works, some of which were sold at auction by Nicholson. The alleged collaborations included a red Marilyn Monroe and a chalk drawing of Che Guevara (despite the fact that Warhol never produced images of Guevara).

factory additions certificate of incorporation

In 2007 John Nicholson incorporated a company called "Factory Additions" in the U.K. prior to a series of sales of Psaier's work by Nicholson's auction house. "Factory Additions" is the same name as the company Warhol used for his prints from 1966 to 1974. Many of the Psaier works are stamped with a "Factory Additions" stamp. Nicholson has never explained why he incorporated a company with the same name as Warhol's company.

No birth certificate or death certificate for Psaier has ever been produced. On one of Jacqueline Chapman's sites, Mr. Alvarez claimed to have a copy of Psaier's death certificate in 2008 which he said in his statement he gave to Chapman.
( - scroll down)

Yet, according to another Chapman site, Psaier's death certificate was not supposed to be released until 2011.

To further complicate things someone calling themselves "Hamish" left a comment on the page on March 21, 2010 saying that he/she had just received a copy of Psaier's death certificate (comment no. 80). Yet "Hamish" ignored requests to produce the certificate and instead claimed that "a certain art auctioneer who has been championing Psaier... has in his possession certain documents relevant to the Psaier enigma."

Coincidentally, Chapman's gallery, Esher Fine Art, has also apparently closed recently. The Esher website has been replaced by a link to a different website owned by Chapman announcing an auction by John Nicholson. (

Billy Name interviews David Shankbone

Billy Name and David Shankbone

Billy Name (L) and David Shankbone

Warhol star Billy Name interviews photographer David Shankbone on "hacktavism, Wikileaks, and the cultural revolution of new media" at:

U.S. Premiere of new Paul Morrissey film on September 6th

News from Nowhere

L to R: Viva, Demian Gabriel, Nicole LaLiberte

The U.S. premiere of Paul Morrissey's new film, News From Nowhere, will take place at the Walter Reade cinema in Manhattan's Lincoln Center on September 6th. Morrissey's film Trash, starring Joe Dallesandro and Holly Woodlawn, will also be shown. (The European premiere of the film took place at the Venice Film Festival in September 2010.)

The cast of News from Nowhere includes Warhol star Viva (Hoffman), Demian Gabriel, Nicole LaLiberte (as the drugged out single mother), Dale Slomoff (cottage keeper), Olga Liriano (fixer) and Harry King and Claudja Bicalho (child sellers).

Details on Paul Morrissey's site at:

Diana Vreeland documentary to premiere at Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2011

Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland in her office in NYC

A new documentary on Diana Vreeland titled Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel will have its premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2011. The film includes footage of Andy Warhol as well as Calvin Klein, Hubert de Givenchy, Diane von Furstenberg, Richard Avedon, and Ali MacGraw.

A book of the same title will be released on October 1st, followed by a traveling exhibition opening at the Fortuny Museum in Venice in March 2012. The Amazon page for the book is here.

Response to Richard Dorment

Richard Dorment has, once again, defended the Norgus Self-Portraits in the pages of the New York Review of Books. Dorment alleges that the Norgus prints (which he refers to as the "Red Self-Portraits") were traded by Warhol for the extension of a free loan of video equipment despite the fact that Warhol never mentioned the prints during his lifetime and the Andy Warhol Authentication Board has repeatedly denied their authenticity.

My response is at:

My original article on how the Norgus prints were made can be found at:

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol

The annual birthday celebration for Andy Warhol took place at the Gershwin Hotel on August 2nd, hosted by Robert Heide, John Gilman, Neke Carson and Hoop.

Photos from the party:

L to R: Robert Heide, Bibbe Hansen, Darian Darling, Billy Name and John Gilman
(Photo: Victor P. Corona)


Gershwin Hotel Warhol party pictures

L to R: Sean Carrillo (Bibbe Hansen's husband), Robert Munn, Billy Name, Bibbe Hansen, Neke Carson,
Thomas Kiedrowski, Robert Heide, James Warhola, Ultra Violet, John Gilman, Conrad Ventur, Ruby Lynn Reyner
(Photos by Avagraffiti courtesy of Hoop)


Andy Warhol party at the Gershwin Hotel

L to R: Bibbe Hansen and Billy Name; Ultra Violet and Vito Giallo; Robert Heide, Dagon James
and Billy Name; Ultra Violet, Billy Name, Robert Heide and Audrey Johnson;
Sean Carrillo, Agosto Machado and Kenny Angel Davis;
James Warhola and Vito Giallo
(Photos: Thomas Kiedrowski)

Andy Warhol, Michael McClure and The Beard

Michael McClure The Beard in Los Angeles poster

The poster for the L.A. production of The Beard
was designed by the artist Wallace Berman
(with his wife Shirley Berman as the model)

I have revised the essay on Michael McClure's play The Beard and Andy Warhol's filmed version of it. The revised essay can be found at:

(Once you get to the link, you may need to refresh your browser to get the revised version of the essay.)

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